Global Distribution of the Community Approved Steem-Ambassadors

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Steem Ambassadors - Geo Spread 3 - July 2018 1.jpg

This is the latest update on the geographical location of the current 59 Community Approved Steem-Ambassadors and a welcome to the newest Steem-Ambassadors.

Ambassador info is on the community website: Where you will find a wealth of information about the promo-steem/Steem-Ambassador Project and it's primary objectives.



This is pictorially the state of play with the first 59 Steem-Ambassadors, shown both on a map and categorised into three principle regions. {For those with anonymous location – they default to an allocation in “The Ether region"!!}

Steem Ambassadors - Geo Spread 3 - July 2018 1.jpg

Steem Ambassadors - Geo Spread 3 - July 2018 -2.jpg

Steem Ambassadors - Geo Spread 3 - July 2018 3.jpg
Steem Ambassadors - Geo Spread 3 - July 2018 4.jpg


Welcome to the 7 Steemians that I have now placed on the updated map and table:
@atare, @yucee, @bennji : from Nigeria
@yohan2on from Uganda
@surfermarly from Canary Islands, Spain
@hungryhustle from India
@connecteconomy from Germany

I really look forward to reading you blogs over the next few weeks and seeing the work that you do in this new voluntary role. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


Let’s all find the next batch of applicants who have the right skills and attributes to apply.

I would love to speak to anyone who you consider to be a potential Steem-Ambassadors in a new geographical territory where we have no coverage. I'm really keen to build a wider global distribution of Ambassadors.

When you consider the current distribution is across less than 20 countries – we should be aiming to double our geographical territory as quickly as possible and also we could aim for 100 Steem-Ambassadors across the Globe by the end of September or October perhaps.

I notice we have our first application in from Australia from @jackmiller ( a top 50 Witness) which is fantastic and I’ve had some discord conversations with promoters of Steemit in Greece, Thailand and Vietnam recently, so it will be nice to see steady growth in territories over the next few weeks.

Watch this space!

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Looking good.

Would it be worth splitting EMEA up now into Europe, Africa, Middle East to make it a bit easier to read?

Need to get the America's pumping...

Host of The Alternative Lifestyle Show on MSP Waves Radio.

Editor of the Weekly Schedule of Steem Radio Shows.

Founder of the A Dollar A Day charitable giving project.


Yes good idea- I think next edition will have to be a new format for the table. I'm certain if I spent a bit more time searching I would find some great promoters in the US and South America.

Perhaps @entrepreneur916 could put the feelers out for any more stateside Ambassadors?

Finally India is green. All thanks to you @cryptocurator for your convincing skills. ;-) My next target is to bring more ambassadors from my country! And obviously more people on the Blockchain.

I just read the application by Mr. @jackmiller and I am stoked. It would be a great value addition to the hood.


Absolutely delighted you joined us and further more I now have a mini-collaboration project to put to you. It's ideal that we can work together on this as it will fill in a mini-skills-gap with some of your professional skills! Speak soon....


Wow. Awesome! I am excited @cryptocurator. Eagerly waiting for your message. :-)


Cool dropped you a message in discord...


Replied sir. :-)

Awesome! I'm happy to see those little islands close to Africa with a green colouring now :-))

@cauac & @kilianparadies: estamos en verdeeeeeeeee!!! Jajaja


I've zoomed in..... look at those beautiful little islands! They've gone green too! They have an Ambassador that any country would be proud of!


Aaaaaaaaw, thank youuuu :-)))

Only one from the U.S.?


At the moment yes - if you can recommend any others to the project please do? I'm sure there are many passionate promoters of Steemit in the US who would meet the criteria for Ambassador!


Most certainly. I'll keep my eyes open.