Steemit api node is down ! refund updates

in problem •  10 months ago

Api Node Problem

Bot is experiencing some problem with api node and not upvoting this round bidders . please contact who did not recive the upvotes . we will refund it after the problem is solved .

Contact on

discord details are on website as well . thanks . we apologize!!!!

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tell me how much time the bot votes ???

Could do with some upvoting on my articles, but not sure about using bots...what are they?

Please i send you money by mistake will you refund it to me please sir


refunded pleasse check be carefull with this .

looks like something funky going on with bots again. pls refund.


if the api node start working it will be refunded or sell vote please wait if not it must be refunded back to you please cooperate .


got the upvote, thanks!

I have not been upvote, but I've sent you some SBD 18 hours ago. Please understand.


send the detail on discord it will be refunded soon i had same problem


thanks for the offer of help mr @taifkhan, i just got upvote from @upmewhale. It's great, you mr @taifkhan is a very nice person and helper.

Hi @upmewhale, I did send you 1.30 SBD 24 hours ago, but didn’t get an upvote. can you plz upvote or refund? here is the link:
And here is the proof that I really did send you the money:

I'm sorry,@upmewhale I sent you 0.537 sbd the day before yesterday and I did not get a vote. please vote or return the transfer. Thank you for understanding

I sent you 0.5 SBD (2018-04-18, 22:27) to upvote this post ( but the bot didn't upvote. Please upvote or sent the money back! Thank you!