Steemit Portrait Photography Contest Winners and Honorable Mentions of Week 35!!!!!

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OFFICIALLY SPONSORED BY: @kommienezuspadt & @crimsonclad!!!

1st Place - 10 STEEM
2nd Place - 5 STEEM
3rd Place - 3 STEEM

HONORABLE MENTIONS will receive 0.50 STEEM!!!!!

Guest judges will now receive 5SBD for judging the contest! Please contact me if you are interested in judging!!

You may enter as many times as you would like but only the best will be considered!!! Also please only enter your original work as a photographer or subject in the photo!! I will be checking for original work!

This now a weekly contest again that starts at 12:01am Saturday morning and the following friday midnight!!

If you would like to enter please use portraitcontest as your first tag!! UPVOTE AND RESTEEM THIS POST!!!

Low Key Portraits

@samsiedenstrang was the Judge!!

I had a really fun time judging this contest, I have loved low key portraits for many years and it's one of my favorite photography styles so it was right up my alley. I wanna thank @portraitcontest for giving me a chance to judge the winners for this week! I twill be looking forward to seeing what the next contest has in store!

3rd place


This photo was is well posed and the quality is very nice, i love the crisp feel of the portrait.!

2nd place


This photo really spoke to me as well it has some amazing qualities the way the light is outlining the subject is superb!

1st place


I chose this photo for the AWESOME setup and feel of this portrait. It imbodies the perfect example of and interesting Low key photo. from the light to the framing it's a really cool photo. Great job!!!!

Honorable Mentions

(in no particular order)






Thank you all so much for your continued entries into the #portraitcontest!!! If you are reading this then YOU are the reason this contest still exists!!

I am working with @crimsonclad and @minnowsupport on Discord to support the photography community here on steemit!! (we have bigggg plans!!)

Join us on Discord!!!

Here are last weeks winners!

#PortraitContest is a Weekly photography contest!!!! The theme is Outdoor Portraits and @vtravels is the judge!!!!!!!! SHOW HER WHAT YOU'VE GOT!!!

HUGE thank you @samsiedenstrang for making the NEW logos for the #portraitcontest!!

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Is dited photo acceptable?


Edited? Yes editing photos is allowed!

Amazing thank you so much!! Congrats to everyone else! :D

Wow, thank you soo much for the first place!
I'm really honored, you made my day!
Congrats to all winners, some amazing works here!


Interesting photo for sure this round!!!! Keep em coming!!!

I do i join the contest?


Please do!!!

Thank you so much for honorable mention! Congratulations for the winners!

Good day, sir. May I know how did you get -10 reputation? It's mysterious! :)

Nothing like the great outdoors.. let’s see how well I shoot outside!

Congratulation to all the winners...Photos are excellent to say the least

Cool Idea to help support the seemingly overrun photography tag!

Any details on specific entry requirements? Or we just use the tag?


Follow the current theme and use the tag!!


So the current theme would be outdoor portraits? Can I submit more than one photo in a single post, or do all entries have to have a separate post?


How do i join this contest pls

@jasonrussell this is your contest right? Glad to see it has taken off!


Hey man!! Yes it is!! Long time no see!!!!! I'm going to message you on!

amazing photos here, congratulations to the winners