What Troubles me about Politics, Mudslinging and "Being Arrogant"

in politics •  3 months ago

The political landscape at the moment is really an interesting beast.

Tomorrow — November 6th, 2018 — a broad set of political elections will be held, here in the US, ranging from local school boards to national positions.

Which is all fine and good and part of the ostensible "democratic process."

I guess the thing that kinda bugs me is that actual political dialogue seems to be more or less dead, in this country.

Life's a beach?

What I mean by that is that "discussing the issues" has been replaced by a battle of arguments and mudslinging, tightly defined around party/ideological lines.

Whether it's the candidates, themselves, or the people purporting to support those candidates, everybody just seems to want to be engaged in discrediting and attacking each other... and God forbid anyone should actually try to mediate and draw the conversation back to addressing problems and solutions.

I cannot recall the "US vs THEM" sentiment ever having been stronger.

But here's the thing that has been getting to me, on a more personal level:

On the occasions where I have (fairly recently) tried to simply understand and discuss what is troubling people and tried to talk about potential solutions (aside from "lynch mob mentality") I end up getting labeled wishy-washy or even an "arrogant bastard" for NOT getting out there and participating in the mudslinging.

In not-so-many-words, unless you are living in a place of perpetual reactivity... it's a sign that you "clearly don't CARE."

That... troubles me, for our collective future.

Comments and feedback always invited and welcome!


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I started to realize we were in trouble when I started hearing people say that Obama WANTED to destroy the United States. Not that his policies would end up destroying the US, mind you. No, these people firmly believed that Obama actually personally desired the destruction of the United States. At that point, how do you argue the actual issues? You can’t.


Don't forget how many people actually believed and spread the fact that he was a Muslim and was secretly an Al Queda operative.


That’s right. The exact same people who swear up and down that it’s simply impossible that there could be anything shady going on between Russia and Trump.


At the end of the day Trump reinforces the beliefs of the people on the right. As such, they will do their utmost to go about quashing any sort of such notion. It's simply not in their interest for him to get impeached. It's quite saddening how nowadays people are in their own political bubbles and will rarely look at information on the other side. This polarization is disheartening...

The type of politicians we have in government represent the society we live in. Idiots, tyrants and warmongers represent a society which has an illusion of progress but in their minds they are regressive or backwards.

Wars are not progress, social politics is not progress; politics which improve's the lives of it's citizen and the country's future is progress.

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How many times have you attempted to discuss ISSUES, like say...economics, technology, logistics or education...and no one want's to hear about it?

That'd rather discuss who's husband was in bed with who's wife...

my conclusion...people are stupid.
can't cure it.


I think it's more that people tend to find interest in the wrong things. It always astounds me how many of my fellow classmates are so up to date and engrossed in whatever silly antics one of the Kardashians is doing yet they are utterly clueless on half of the propositions they plan on voting on.


Kardashian? Any kin to Kalishnakov?


Haha, beats me.


twins....separated at birth?

Same here in the UK where politics is a dirty word and the government is vile beyond reason. But we do have one piece of hope in Jeremy Corbyn

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What's even a bigger deal that many don;t even see is that populist leaders are on the rise. The U.S and abroad. Essentially leaders are running on fighting "the other evil group that is destroying our country".

This is running rampant man. I don't see any good coming from any of it long term.


You are correct. Brazil was the latest in a long string of examples.

Not knowing who it is you actually were speaking with, it's har d to know exactly where they are coming from. But without going into a history of our politics over the past 40 years to understand how we got here, let's just look at the CURRENT MOMENT... we have a president who is ridiculously carefree with actual facts and he has an audience that listens to, primarily, the FOX network that is also carefree with actual facts. They make up their own while crying 'fake news' about all the other media outlets. It's a cover. WHy do they even need a cover? They have been using FEAR for a good number of years now. It is alarming how many people fall for FEAR! It's a way for those in power to continue to do what they want, while creating a sideshow of FEAR to keep them from the truth.

SO, it would seem reasonable to try and have a conversation in the traditional way - an exchange of ideas, but one side is NOT playing by those rules, and it is completely disheartening. I think that is what you are running up against. It's scary, the current administration has let loose some frightening tendencies that many thought were long lost to the annals of history (the rise of nazi's and white supremecy rhetoric for example).

In my little old opinion paired with knowing the decades of history of Trump as a real estate a**hole in NYC, I think he is truly himself frightened of everyone finding out how much of a fraud and traitor he is and how collusion with Russia was and is an actual thing. That's why he projects his foibles on to others. The truth will come out, one can only hope.

ALl of this paired along with an un-bending hardline coming from our republicans in congress(it's a mystery...are they guilty too?), you can see how that has trickled down into the average person's views (whether for or against). This trend began in earnest when we voted for Obama- in my opinion a thinking man, very deliberate in action, word and deed. But we have a terrible history of racism in this country that has continually been swept under the rug, but it came roaring back. SUch a shame.

But tomorrow is election day!!! stay tuned....

mudslinging trench warfare... smdh it certainly doesn't appeal to me 😂✌!

Mudslinging ?? Yes there is a lot of that. But I can honestly say one side just wants the nonsense from the top to stop. i.e. The demonizing of individuals that do not look or act like them, the fear mongering that is being used as a political weapon, calling a whole Party the Party of Crime. etc..etc.

Enough is enough.
People just want it to stop. I do not believe from that angle you could call it mudslinging.

WORDS MATTER...WORDS MATTER... WORDS MATTER PERIOD !! Do not be fulled into that false premise your grade school teacher told you i.e "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me"

[email protected]

You should try living in Australia - it's always mudslinging. That's it. Like a bunch of children.

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Listen, you're not being logical enough if they haven't called you racist and a Natzi.