Clearly too late.... I mean early

in poker •  4 months ago


I am on my way home from a casino session and I am stuck in morning rush hour.

Clearly i have plyed too long today.

I do enjoy the intelligent driving features that allow me to post this while my car is driving on its own.


Life is a grind.

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Did you win?

I haven't used the intelligent driving feature on a car yet. It seems weird and scary to me. Yes, I do ride in cars with other people, but that's something I'm used to. The world is changing, so I guess I'll have to get used to the idea.

What kind of car do you have with the intelligent driving features?


This is actually my wifes car and it is a small mercedes

How did you do at the tables?

Been in that same situations more then a few times. When it happens at the further away casino it's nap time. No way I'm sitting in the car for 2+ hours to drive what should be 50 minutes. Would rather sleep for 2 hours in the car and then do the driving.

Life is a grind -- Truer words have never been spoken.

How did you do at the casino ?

I assume you were playing poker. Do you play table Black Jack as well ? I been playing a little online recently with no luck. I got a game or two that I will be playing today.



It seems that you're new to Steemit, so I'm going to help you out. One of the best ways to grow your account is to comment on people's blogs with "relevant" comments. Once they see that you actually care about what they're writing and that you're not just asking for upvotes or trying a "follow-for-follow" scam that is absolutely worthless on Steemit, then they might check out your blog.

Take the time to actually read the posts you're viewing, and write quality, original comments. That's the best way to succeed here.

Just my opinion. You can take it or leave it. From past experience, you probably won't even read this comment. Still, good luck!

Woah! Cool intelligent driving!

Hope it knows the difference between km/hr and feet!

How does the intelligent driving feature work? Is it in the car only or does it need some other infrastructure to enable it. What type of Mercedes is this, I am not aware that we have them here in South Africa. Does it only work for short distances or can it be used for an entire journey?
Perhaps you can do an entire post on this car to answer all my questions - LOL.

Stuck in traffic, but hopefully not "stuck" from the game!! A winning session hopefully makes it worth it :)

Pretty cool features, but stay alert anyway, when you use them. I wonder what S+ stands for.

0.o Fancy

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