Original poem / Reflections on a pier

in poetry •  9 months ago

My 20 dollar burger meal
about to be bought with
someone else's debt
interrupted by a downpour
– Another beer please

The wish to finish fast -
a proper ending
to a poem that may
attract human eyes
so I can buy food next month
with money someone else owes

The hazy beer about to be devoured
stands firmly on the rickety table
to later be pissed out, competing
with the heavy rain, for the attention
of the July-dry soil

On the pier, children
laughing and running about
carefree and happily unaware, of
income taxes and repo rates -
Envy is soon overshadowed, by
sorrow that they too
will accept the illusion


(Photo source: Children on Clevedon Pier by Pamela McNamara)

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Comment retracted. Thank you for letting us know.


It's not the primary source of value, I would argue, as my post is first and foremost a poem. I can of course provide a source for the image.

@steemswede nice poem sir. Me too liketo take street meals

Came across your work in the promoted session and man, you're great. Too bad i've got little SP to upvote. Keep it up

nice poem bro !!