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These words i want to dedicate for all of those who suffering war in their countries.Without any reason world push them into war and they have not now such a condition to live their own planet well.

"#Kashmir #Syria #Palestine #Iraq    "                                                          

                                                             Face of humanity 

                                                             Face of freedom 

                                                             How beautiful it is

                                                            This is for wisdom

                                                          They fire on me bullets

                                                         They throw on me bombs 

                                                         They call it law and order

                                                        They want to make me dump 

                                                       Although they forget 

                                                      How to behave well

                                                      I take my body to them

                                                     Keep kill me from front

                                                    You can,t push my voice 

                                                   You can,t take my passion

                                                   Face of humanity

                                                   Face of freedom

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nice, upvoted


thanks...stay tune with me

Peace to all 🦋


Exactly.Thanks for comment.