Original Poem / Of no particular shape

in poem •  last year

It spreads the daylight,
shows us how thin are the ornaments of appearance,
eliminates any chance of letting ourselves be distracted,
solid like stone,
of no particular shape,
a stone of movement and vision,
and its brilliance is such that it causes all barricades, all
visors, to buckle.
That which once was fathomed
no longer exists -
The bird has blended into the wind,
the sky into its truth,
ourselves into our own reality.


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As usual wonderful creativity

Put up is worth pursuing

Thank you

Waiting for the next

nice poem with nice kiss.

your poem is great , i wish you get us more

Nice! I'm a big fan of Magritte... Cool poem too 😁
Will be following for more, if you ever want to collaborate using my artworks for your poems, I think that would be awesome ✊🏽