Plumeless thistle (Carduus acanthoides L.)

in photography •  8 months ago

I saw this thistle on a walk nearby the field. It's just weed, but I like it, so I took some photos.

Did you know that thistle is used to treat diabetes mellitus?

The Plumeless thistle contains in addition to vitamins and other substances oligosaccharide inulin = probiotic. This fibre has no calories and nourishes probiotic bacteria in the intestines - it has great digestive effects and promotes proper bowel function. The receptacle can be eaten either raw or heat treated. Just cook them in salt water, sprinkle with cheese and rub garlic.

Have a nice day!

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Excellent photos, especially the one with the insect on it. I also did not know the medicinal properties of this particular plant.

It's Looks so pretty, I loved it :)

Really a great capture. Looking nice with bright colors. The information was not known to me about diabetes. Thanks for sharing.

Wow just wow. Which camera and lens you used?


I had only a cellphone in my pocket ;-). I took these photos in the countryside (Czech Republic - South Moravia)


Wow from a smartphone

Красивый чертополох. А на сенокосе - это зло.

awesome picture..

Very beautiful macro photos! @ivet

Even the cobweb is thin visible. Bravo!
And the Thistle flower is so purple ))
And the last photo even has some
amazing insect!
Maybe a grasshopper?