Breakfast harvest

in photography •  6 months ago


It's great here on the West Coast of British Columbia in the Fraser Valley still picking blackberries in mid September.

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Oh my! That looks delicious I absolutely love berries, I could eat them everyday!

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I try and eat berries every day, even if I have to have frozen.

yyuummmmm! on pancakes with coconut whip cream.


Yeah or on French toast?

I looooove blackberries. Ours are pretty much finished here in NS though.


Yeah! I love all berries, especially if I pick them myself... more love/energy/nutrition/taste this way.
Burrr....? I hear Nova Scotia and think it most be cold there? Never been there, have you done a post on NS?


Not too cold here :) hot summers cold winters. I dont think ive done a post specifically about ns before, maybe one day. Its a lovely place, great for growing your own and raising animals.
I agree about the berries, so much better in so many ways when you pick them yourself. All fruit and veg really, was picking and munching apples earlier and the flavour is outta this world.

Let me know when you do the NS post.

Blueberries for breakfast today.... Yum!

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