Far from the world - Sunset in Rostock with a story

in photography •  3 months ago

Far from the world

Walking on the riverside alone with my camera in hand and lot of thoughts going over my head I see something, something which reminds me of my true self which I lost in this busy world of studying, worrying of money, relationships and so many other things. As I gaze upon it I kept my eyes moving with it so does my thoughts, my hands automatically picked up the camera and I took this beautiful photo of persons canoeing, going Far from the world of worries towards a peaceful place, place of mind.

Far from the world - IMG_4856.jpg

As I walked back to home my mind was still on river, which for me was my place of peace and happiness.

Find your peace in life in anything you like and keep it that way always and forever.

Zain ul abdeen

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