Anacortes from Mt. Erie

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Lakes along the Puget Sound

Anacortes from Mt. Erie

Little is known about the little gem of a viewpoint that is Mt. Erie. I only discovered it by accident as I am slowly discovering and exploring Washington. The not so tall mountain sits at a mere 1,273 ft but it is the tallest peak in the Fidalgo Islands and offers the best views in the area.

There's a hiking trail that starts from the base and meanders all the way to the summit, but you can simply drive all the way up the summit - which is what we did. The mountain itself is covered in a thick forest so I could imagine there wouldn't be any views until you get to the very top. On a clear day, you can see Mt. Baker as well as Mt. Rainier and the Cascades.

Anacortes from Mt. Erie
Anacortes From Mount Eerie

There are a few options for awesome views as you get closer to the top but the best views are at the very end towards the antenna tower. There are various landmarks in the area with notable stories. You can easily miss a side trip to Mt. Erie if you're just out to take the Anacortes Ferry and lack the motivation to explore. Even if you're just headed out to Deception Pass, which is a popular destination, you should make a quick stop at Mt. Erie to enjoy the grand views.


There is no doubt that the views on top of Mt. Erie is the best in the Fidalgo Island. You get a sweeping panorama of the North Cascades with Mt. Baker and Mt. Rainier in the backdrop. Photographers can have a field day on this spot for sunset and sunrise photos.


Mt. Erie rises up 1,273 ft from sea level near the city of Anacortes, which is about 80 miles north of Seattle. To get to the peak from I-5, take Exit 230 towards Highway 20 and then head west for 10 miles, then turn left to stay on Highway 20 which takes you towards the City of Anacortes.
[//]:# (!steemitworldmap 48.456838 lat -122.622810 long Mt Erie d3scr)

Anacortes from Mt. Erie
Aerial view of Anacortes

Turn right toward Campbell Lake Road and drive along the lake. There's a signpost that points you towards the right direction and when you see the Mount Erie Grocery Store make a right at the road.


There are a few hiking trails in the area which you can do together with a hike to the peak of Mt. Erie from Sugarloaf or Whistle Lake.

Category Landscape
Exposure Manual exposure, Multiple, ISO 100
Camera Sony A7II
Lens Sony FE 24-240mm
Filter Polarizer
Location Anacortes, Washington


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That's so beautiful, nice shot, everything about those photos is great. Congratulations

That looks amazing, there is nothing better sometimes than having a nice place to just get away. Wish I could be there, especially considering all of this hot humid weather we have been having here in Houston Texas!

Beautiful .. well done on the pictures
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing..

This is beautiful, I would love to visit here someday.

Wonderful images

Wow! Definitely another place I need to see in the future..
Love the views and I love to hike!
Thanks for the share!
I think I'll probably find a good bit of target destinations just by seeing how you've brought the beauty out of nature.
One of the best things about hiking is that you get to connect with that beauty and with mountains, you get to see things first hand from a much higher perspective.. It changes your whole perspective!


Looking best photography

Wow! Beautiful photography 🤗
Thanks @andonisabril for sharing this post.

Amazing photography. The mind wants to run away now.

The landscapes are amazing, I would like to be there now. Cheers


cheers :)

this place Anacortes is just paradise. heaven on earth. what a scenery and a very pleasing view. if only i could have residence here. calm peaceful and nature filled place. apart from this it has other speciallities as well. simply incredible. thanks for sharing adonisabril. keep up the good work.

You are so beautiful that I forgot my pick up line

So want to know the atmosphere in winter.

@adonisabril lovely pics...
I am from india. There are lots of good place in india. You can come here and explore...

Wow......what a beauty of nature. Everyone should visit this place. @adonisabril can you tell nearest airport from this place? Thanks

thanks for sharing .....
this wonderful picture

Amazing Pic.... & the location looks like heaven on earth , i wish i could be there... good job buddy keep it up.

@adonisabril hough it’s accessible via road, Mount Erie also has a trail to its summit, and is a great destination for a day hike. You can visit it in conjunction with Sugarloaf or Whistle Lake, two popular locations in the Anacortes Community Forest Lands, or approach it from another trail. This description is via Sugarloaf, but maps of the area, available at the City Hall in Anacortes, as well as the bookstore, the two bike shops in town, and the Mount Erie grocer, are great for creating your wn way to access Erie.

@adonisabril hey ! I visited there last year .It was my awesome trip. Such a wonderful place. It's like heaven.

Amazing place. I like photos too.

@adonisabril phots are amazing..wish i choud be there .thanks and keep supporting.

Nice reflection, the nature is amazing

Very nice.. upvote plzz

Excellent place lot of creative work will emerge out when spent in time

very wonderful picture.
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this why frome sir

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Wao 👌 ❤ very nice photography

Awesome photography

it looks like very natural , such an amazing photographs

It's really like a heaven... But I want to ask you a question... It's your clicks?

Another great photo

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Green is the prime colour of world and that from which its loveliness arises...

Beautiful scenery of nature. I'd love to visit this place some day

Look like a magic land

Those are some very beautiful pictures taken. The place looks amazing

it is nice lake.we are visit this lake one time my life.

wow.very very very nice pic

can you tell me which camera you use for pics?

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@adonisabril Thank you, my friend, your blog is such an awesome and please support me and upvote me if you like my comment

What is the country name ?


United States of America


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It's looks like awesome
Very nice pictures

From the simple “photo creds” to the slightly more daring “wow, great picture. The photographer must be so talented and good looking,” this comment almost always demands acknowledgement. Often a banner ad for “Whatever, you probably didn’t pick a picture with me because I made you look bad.”

@adonisabril , This is Atractive Photo , In photo Love to The nature . Please Give Me suggestion Capture Photo From Mobile Phone. I Hope you Give Me reply

No place looks better without green cover. This place Anacortes has everything to enhance its beauty like mountains, lakes, lush green forests etc.

@adonisabril Amazing view. Where is the place. Have you ever been went there ?

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@adonisabril I can feel the Peace man..Great Photography.

The sight of such beauty makes me appreciate the true beauty of nature. Our world is blessed with marvelous sights of natural endowments... Nice photo

Excellent view, camping in that place is a unique experience ...

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My dream is to visit america once , by the way your article is helpful and the picture is awsome

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thanks for share

The lake is surrounded by green plants, the scenery is very beautiful ,,

Truly beautiful lighting that you captured! Just before golden hour it appears!

beautiful photos friend <3 best to get it while the summer is here <3

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Amazing view from the top. Heart touching nature.

Nature always wears the colour of the spirit and peace.

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