The Canadian Wetlands - Single Shot Photography

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Hi everyone,

From now on I decided to divide my posts into 3 categories, so people will know what they can expect before opening the post. I am doing this mainly because I work in three different areas: photography, blogs and video.

Category 1: Single shot photography

Photos that I am the most proud of, all-time favorite photos that I make during my travels. This category is about that moment when you take a picture and everything feels just right; the moment, the setting, the light and magic just happens.

These pictures will be used for competitions, like the one below for the @daveks and @photocontest one this week.

This is a picture I took only two days ago in BC, Canada. It was somewhere along the Wetlands on the way from Golden to Fernie. I had seen these never ending trains a couple of times and I told my girlfriend that I would absolution love to get a good shot of one, so I made it my mission to find the best spot possible and I am super happy with the outcome!

train wetlands 6-2-01.jpeg

Taken with the beautiful Sony A6500.

Category 2: Follow me around

The travel blog; I will use this category when something interesting or fun has happened and I feel it is important enough to share. Oh yes, of course this will be documented with text and photos!

For example:

Category 3: This, is our life!

This is a joined effort with my girlfriend and will be posted on #dlive whenever we make a new vlog or video about our life on the road.


Let me know what you think about the categories and hasta la vista!

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Great picture and the color depth in monochrome is superb.


yup sure it will be because such a genius person has taken the photo


yup sure it will be because such a genius person has taken the photo

As someone myself who plans on blogging about many different topics I am trying to decide the best way to approach this. I'm thinking about posting certain topics on specific days of the week so that my followers get a good sense of when the content they prefer will be released. What do you think of the idea?


Actually I was thinking about that as well and I really like the idea! My problem is I am traveling so much that consistency is really hard, but if you have the discipline that can really work well. Sort of like Taco Fridays, etc.


Yes exactly, but Taco Tuesdays! LOL I got the idea from podcast because many of the creators use a similar model. I don't want to create different steemit accounts for the many topics I plan to cover so this seems like a potential solution.


Yeah, in Norway there are Taco Fridays :)


Ahh interesting! Sounds like you will have something to look forward to in a few days.

i really like your work and this canadian view.

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Monochrome is super 😍👍👍

appreciable post. awesome photography and a genius shot.

i really like your work and this canadian view.

Great click black and white composition is the best