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All Female Vocalists, Artists, Dancers, and Performers

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Where are you girlfriends?


Here at MASHUP-Central, we’ve got a Motley Crew of gents ready, willing and able - insofar as having laid down their wares for our song, however, we are missing that one ever-special, most precious ingredient - GIRLS!.

Okay, so perhaps at first reflex one might consider my call for “sisters” a bit sexist in today’s twisted politically correct SJW nightmare of a world, but you fine ladies, are just gonna have to trust in that I/we are truly seeking your equal collaboration to represent the Open-Mic and everything it stands for.

Look at me and the rest of the Mashup crew as though each of us is Avery Molek. We’re just a bunch of big kids lookin’ to have some fun while making music and covering songs that we love - just like Avery!

I just fucking love this kid, Avery! I am absolutely stunned by his ability to drum, and I can watch this kid wallow in the joy and glory of his talent for hours on end!

Bear in mind, this is who we are at base, ladies – we are Avery, and we want you to be by our side every step of the way – on equal footing so that each of us individually, can collectively place our best feet forward!

You’ve got until next Sunday, September 08, 2018 to get your audio and video files back to MASHUP-Central for consideration and inclusion in the final master.

Hit me up on discord passion-ground#5524 for access to the Mash-up song file to audition all of your most prized, appreciated, and sought after artistic vocal and performance talents!

Please don’t let Avery and I down. We’re counting on you, girlfriends!

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I love you, Monica!
Thank you sooo much!


hey monica! ♥ luv to youuuuu

Women who rock...rock! There's never too many of you...and sometimes, there's never enough. I hope you get some awesome responses to this!


Thank you, brother Dino...
Me too... (no pun intended)
I have faith in my Open-Mic sisters...
I trust they will deliver the goods and then some!

Girls Just Want To Have Fun!!!


Yes, they do...
and so do we!


Friend, I just wanted to make reference to that song by Cindy Lauper.


Yes, Juan -
I got that, brother...

I'm hoping that we get flurry of vocal entries from the
Women of Open-Mic! I am counting on them to
round out the Mashup in a way that only they can...

Thanks, brother!


I appreciate you brother.

Awww, I am a terrible open mic sister. I shoulda responded sooner. I would love to help I'm just not sure if I have enough time to get anything done by the 8th. What needs to be done?


Hey Sista, soul Sista... hahaha...

We're not looking for a whole lot - just some vocal tracks, harmonies, backup vocals and the like...

If that sounds like fun - then you you should go for it... It amounts to nothing more than a take or two of the mashup songs and of course, the video to go along with it, which is optional if need be...

We are flexible here in Mashup land... Whatever works for you - works for us!


Ooh this sounds like fun! The deadline says Sunday Sept. 8, but Sept. 8 is a Saturday... am I too late?


NO - we're going with Sunday the 9th - so get on it, girlfriend! ;-) .