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After quite a long stretch of @pfunk reigning supreme amid his rightful place within the top-20 rankings of esteemed witnesses, it has come to my attention that he has suddenly drifted back beneath the ever critical 20 level.

Across the entire Steemverse, there is no better supporter of musicians or the Open-Mic venue than @pfunk.

Beyond his overwhelming support for musical expression and creativity, he is one of the very best tech-geeks one could ever want in their corner when it comes to administering to and maintaining the smooth functioning and ethical protocols that support the Steemit eco-system that each of us relies upon daily.

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Hey, - Hey, --- You, - You, …Get Off of My Cloud…

Get your love in motion people, - and if you have not yet done so, - vote for @pfunk for witness here:

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Here It Comes…

Yep, with the stress of hurricane Florence bearing down upon me coupled with a super-high self-imposed mega-level of anxiety surrounding getting the 2-year anniversary mash-up delivered on time – I “lost my shit” for a moment last week – for lack of a better phrase.

Be that as it may, that little 19th nervous “breakdown” of mine was a walk in the park compared to one in particular that preceded it several decades ago. Perhaps one day I tell that story…

In the interim, I want to let everyone know that due to working on getting the Mash-UP entry ready for submission on Sunday (tomorrow) – though I have listened to all of this week’s entries, I have not had the time to properly judge and order them.

I’ll be back next week though – in time for the 2-year anniversary of the Open-Mic venue. It’s gonna be epic – you’re not going to want to miss out – trust me…

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In closing, I cannot stress enough just how important it is to have good witnesses in place not only for the Steemit Eco-system - but for all of the creative artists who dwell and thrive here as well.

The one individual that stands out as the very best amongst all the rest in this regard is none other than @pfunk.

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Cast your critical witness votes for @pfunk here:

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Keep an eye out for our Epic Mash-Up entry upon the official announcement of Open-Mic week #104 on Sunday.

Talk soon,


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Already done, brother. Open Mic for life! :) And you know that if you keep trying, sometimes you get what you need!


Always nice encountering someone else who likes to talk in lyrics...
Thanks, Dino!


Thanks, brother Leo!

Dear friend. I have already given my vote \m/


Thank you, brother Edward!