Planting two native trees for Steem today. All done with your upvote

in onelovedtube •  5 months ago

Special vlog today and I replanted two native trees for our Steem community.

Our Steem forest needed some love today and two saplings were planted today. This for all of you. Go check out @steemforest and read all about this project.

Mentions in the vlog:

@ecoswell a local not for profit organization based here in Lobitos, Peru. They have multiple social and environmental projects on the go. They are quite active on Steemit and I hope will vlog soon too.


@cleanplanet in a really cool initiative born out of the Steem blockchain movement. You will be rewarded for giving back to the planet in so many ways. I recommend you participate in this initiative.

I hope you are giving back too.


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With pleasure @annephilbrick
We have a goal ... and much persons join us !
Try it ...
See you soon using cleanplanet tag


Thank you @annephilbrick and we hope you can join us.