[Dtube Special] Basic tips on Steem for those just starting out: Episode 1 Community

in onelovedtube •  5 months ago

On the fly advice on Steem and some steps to take when you are just starting out here.

As you have already figured, there is a lot happening on this blockchain. Everywhere I look, read or listen. Something is happening, something in the midst of being created. This can be overwhelming at first, but no problem, as it is all part of the journey.

I will touch upon Steem:

  1. Community focus
  2. Learn
  3. Meaningful engagement
  4. Networking

The following are the mention d.apps operating on Steem protocols and are points of reference:


Please note that what I say, are my point of view or experiences and should not be interpreted as otherwise. I am sharing my knowledge with you. If you have any particular themes or issues you wish to ask. Then let us see if we can start a conversation below. Plus I could also respond in future vlogs on the subject.


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