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Fellow Steemians,

it's a new beginning.

The old year, 2018, has ended and 2019 has begun (at least on the western or sun-oriented time-scale).

While we're not able to predict what this year will look like or what will happen to us in the next 12 months, what we can do is to adapt to whatever life throws at us.

Regardless, if that's a continuation of the bear-market or a new bull-market. Everything has it's pro's and con's; and it's up to us to optimally use the situation.

For example, for the past 3 days, the shower water at my home has been defect. It's not turning hot, but is staying ice-cold.

I had a few options how to deal with it, but I decided to adapt and leverage this situation to take cold-showers, as I've done sometimes in the past.

Cold showers might not feel good at the beginning, but they're super healthy; both for the mind and the body.

So, with this little analogy told:

Let's adapt to everything that might happen in 2019; and let's make this new year an amazing one.

Happy New Year!

All the best,

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I often hear scientists ask for a correction when others talk about survival of the fittest. It is in fact, survival of the most adaptable.

As we are a very diverse group, compared to other crypto projects, we have an amazing scope to adapt and change.

I am not avoiding the challenges, but I remain hopeful. There's more here than most realise.

Happy New Year

Yes, we will adapt to whatever comes out way here. Am glad you guys still stayed strong despite all that has happened to steem in the past months. While many have left. Truly, we've adapt and make the best of the situation : Faster way to get SP and same Steem Value 😂 😂 😂.

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Happy New Year @therealwolf. Great Analogy! Nothing is permanent - cold showers or hot showers, bull or bear markets, good times or bad times. Just keep going ;)

Happy New year

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Only those that arise from the challenges become more sustainable in the long run so we are on track with the great community we have!

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happy new year !

Have a great 2019!!!

Big Plastic Hug
Steemitri The Mannequin

I'm a firm believer of adaptation. My life has made many twists and turns the past 56 years. Many of which I could never have predicted and many I had not hoped for. I do predict that whatever comes my way I am prepared to face it as I have faced the past. We must embrace change and bow our heads to adversity knowing that both circumstances can enrich our character and turn around to something enexpectedly good. Happy New Year!

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Up and down cycles in the market remove the inefficient, unlucky and cause the rest to focus their efforts.

I think it will be a good year

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I wish your work for STEEM bring fruits in 2019. Happy new year @therealwolf

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