Daily Soccer News 2018-06-14

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Rubiales fires Julen Lopetegui and installs Fernando Hierro as Spain coach

Tottenham have offered Aston Villa £15m for their highly-rated midfielder Jack Grealish, Sky Sports News understands.

Manchester United star Anthony Martial’s agent confirms Frenchman ‘has has decided to leave’

International FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia vs Saudi Arabia Preview 

Bullshit Time: 

What a surprised move by Spain! I hope Spanish team don't too much negative influence. BTW, because  Lopetegui got fired, Real Madrid no need to pay his release clause.

I don't know much about Jack Grealish, but I know Spurs boss who is great business man. He know how to invest, buy low sell high.

There were a lot of news talking about Martial is unhappy in United in last season. Where will he be next season? Do you have any idea about this?

My prediction for World Cup today: Russia 1:0 Saudi Arabia


I was thinking what else can I do in the Steemit during the World Cup daily. I plan to watch these games online, I might can find some webs let us watch free. Do you guys like me to share the links? I don't know it is OK to do that or not. Any advice?

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Links to watch Russia vs Saudi Arabia:
(Chinese) http://www.huaren.tv/sports/1923724001
(English) http://ripple.is/football/2790-russia-vs-saudi-arabia

I would love to see Martial at Chelsea!

RUSSIA for the win!

Predicting a 2-1 Russia win!

hi there!!!!
i think Russia will defeat Saudi Arabia, facts: they are at home their people, that a lot of help for soccer player to win the inaugural game tomorrow.

good luck!!!
have a great day!!!

Martial might go Chelsea.
We still accept Rubiales Julen Lopetegui as Real Madrid coach.

I can't believe Spain either. That's crazy. Imagine getting the call your fired...or that you're now manager for the Cup in a week?


That is true, there is a lot pressure.

I hope that every countries makes results as the players did best. And my country, South Korea too. hhh

russia yes

first opening. The biggest competition..
I guest Russia will beat Saudi 3-0.

first opening. The biggest competition..
I guest Russia will beat Saudi 3-0.

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Martial to Chelsea would be a match made in heaven.

It is clear that Russia will win against Saudi Arabia and my favourite player is Igor Akinfeev :))indir.jpg

Russia 2: Saudi Arabia 0 is my prediction. Plus, Do share those links. Regarding Martial, i think the best place for him, for now, is still United.


I might share those links in here before matches start if I find them

Why did spain sack there former coach a day Before world cup i will also like to see martial in any north london club

Saudi Arabia win

I hope Martial goes to Inter! Him lining up with Peresic, Icardi and Candreva would be lethal.

It's great to see someone is sticking to their principles - if you're negotiating with someone without your boss'es consent you get sacked, end of story. Doesn't matter what your name is or what's your score.

I thought it's gonna be 1:0 today as well, but Russia dominated!

I think it won't good for team Spain.

I am very excited for my country's game. I think Nigeria will win.

It'll be disastrous if Martial is allowed to leave.

soudi arabia losser with 5 goal..
but mom is steel support with saudi arabia...because they r muslim...
btw well played russia..

World cup is finally coming the whole world has gone crazy

Spain vs Portugal match was most entertaing match till now

Fino ad ora quale squadra vi ha impressionato di piu'?
Al di là del risultato, a mè la Spagna...

I listened on FOX to reassuring comments by Seedorf and Lalas as to how they expect the Spanish team to quickly overcome the last minute coach change, or rather the no-coach situation that they suddenly found themselves in, and for the moment had an inclination to agree... Then I watched the Spain-Portugal game and realized something: both teams were beyond great, Spain in particular is as good as they were in 2010, maybe even better. Which means this squad could go all the way!

As for the Spanish Federation, that's something they haven't thought of. They just don't expect this team to play the final, and hence the frivolous attitude which they displayed by firing the coach. They just didn't realize what was at stake, because if they have then they would have rather taken care of the team bound to be champions than their reputation or the governance model or whatever the boolshit reason there was to fire Lopetegui. Because no team, even as majestic as Spain potentially can be, can win a tournament without a coach, especially the coach who rebuilt the squad from the ageing 2014-16 devoid of new ideas group of have-beens into this fiery team BTW with many of the same players still in it.

As for Seedorf and Lalas, well, they are former players, so it is incumbent on them to think that the players are making the game no matter the coach. It is not true unfortunately, not if you are to make the best game.