Update: Interview with Lady Committed To Mental Hospital For Mentioning 5G Health Risks To Her Doctor

in news •  5 months ago

This is a follow up to the video I uploaded about the woman in Britain who was committed to a mental hospital just for asking her Doctor about health risks associated with 5G technology...

She has now been interviewed by Richie Allen, the colleague of David Icke - in his Radio Show. It turns out that in addition to speaking about 5G, she also mailed the doctor some links about Agenda 21 and other related eugenics type ideas. In a way it is sadly not a surprise that she got this results - in this day of making quick judgements and not doing any due diligence research - but that is no excuse for the outcome by any means.

If you have any way of assisting her then please do.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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that's terrible, hope she gets out soon!

Oh yeah, she sounds like a real nutter (sarcastic). Is this how it starts? Mental Institutions first, camps later? This should be an alarm bell.


Absolutely, it is imperative that we define the principles of balance with regards free will and mental health or those who lack these will do it for us (and to some extent they already have). :/

Yes it's deeply troubling (and unjust) that she's been admitted .. but listening to the interview its very naive the way she went about it .. I say that not to justify the actions of the authorities in any way shape or form, but simply as a nod to the fact that in this day and age people must become more streetwise.


I absolutely agree, however, the majority of people here simply do not understand the corruption of the 'support systems' that they rely on ;/

Interesting information, thanks @ura-soul

That's crazy! (No pun intended) thanks for sharing.

Well I don't know about Agenda 21 or any related controversies, but I do know that we've already recognized Electrical Hypersensitivity as a real condition.

Furthermore, there is already precedent for court settlements in favour of EHS-suffering individuals.

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