Sent To Mental Hospital For Raising Concerns About 5G Tech With Her Doctor!

in news •  5 months ago

If this is as it appears to be on the surface, we have a seriously problematic precedent being set here. The claim being made is that this woman started noticing physical symptoms following the installation of a 5G transmitter near her home and she claims her neighbour did too. She says that she then visited her Doctor with evidence regarding the possible health effects of 5G technology and instead of considering the evidence, the Doctor denied it and took steps to have her committed to a mental hospital against her will!

I highly suggest you watch this video that I posted about months ago from the US FCC announcement regarding roll out of 5G technology, during which a mainstream reporter was ejected for asking a question about health concerns and the speaker openly stated one of the most shocking things I have ever heard such a person openly say.. words to the effect of "we don't have time to safety test this technology and don't get in our way"!!

A significant number of well resourced research studies have highlighted carcinogenic effects of microwave technology and also the damage that can be done to DNA - despite claims to the contrary by those who are not doing their due diligence research or who are dishonest.

Here are a couple of my previous posts on this topic:

What does it mean when someone is forcibly sent to a mental hospital that is not so different from a prison, for no reason other than making a suggestion - that is supported by scientific evidence - that the actions of a technology corporation might be making her experience physical symptoms!?

If this were to become 'the norm' we would have no freedom at all. Our 'Doctors' would become a grave threat to our wellbeing and our ancestors hard work to attempt to carve out a future of freedom for us would amount to nothing.. Will we stand for this?

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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I told people I worked with back in the 1990's that if their cell phones were getting hot enough to be uncomfortable, then I would not recommend holding the phone up against their heads for hours each day. They laughed at me.

The field of study is called magnetobiology and does not seem to be well understood.

"There is no great genius without a mixture of madness."


Absolutely, although a lot of studies have been done and covered up - many are within the realm of microwave weapons but are certainly applicable. Cell phone manufacturers are forced by law to include within instruction manuals that phones must be used with a hands free kit to be safe, but the font used in the manuals tends to be tiny.


Although I do NOT believe that a cell phone transmission is a danger, and the heating you are talking about is the LiIon battery; I use a blue tooth. First it is convenient, second, if I am wrong, the cell is on the table.

The towers are another question, as instead of and average of 0.1 watts output; They can go to 5 watts

The most reactive frequency is 2.4 Ghz, since this is the frequency that resonates water. Like a microwave oven (also set at 2.4 Ghz) a 5g output will excite water. That is where the comparison ends, because instead of the full 1100 watts of output through a focussed antenna into food in very close proximity; we have a donut shaped dispersal pattern, 100 feet above the ground, being driven by up to 5 watts. We get more EMI from local power lines than that. *I am not saying that NO physical affects are possible, as you have aptly stated, we do NOT yet know, but do NOT focus on one, and ignore the others!

My Father in Law ran the legal limit on Ham radio across most of the bands offered, for 60 years, and suffered no Ill effects from EMI radiation. I have run similar power for 30 + years on all bands including some in this frequency range, and am unaffected. So I guess I am a voluntary guinea pig for this testing, ROFLOL! So Study, but do NOT panic.

That said, I am VERY disturbed by what this Doctor did! OPEN DEBATE is critical to all progress! IF you are scared of another person's views; you should be re-examining your own views!

I wrote some time back on EMF being used as weapons and for population control. Here in the US the feds have pushed laws that make it illegal to fight them putting the 5G on the side of your house. California is suing the feds over this as they have had health complaints from their fire department that had one of the 5G mounted on their fire house.

As for us being free, they have almost dropped the act now that they believe we are their property.


Oh yes, things have been that way a long time it just wasn't so obvious with all of the primary colour advertising and hollywood distractions - we needed a time to process all of the mind control and get it out of the system!

I think frequencies that goes through and through the human body is harmful since our cells can be manipulated and we can get sick with such technology.


That is absolutely correct with some frequencies and some energy fields, yes.

At what point does someone decide or has the balls to stand up and challenge planning regulations over profit.


Group actions tend to be more simple to build but tend to also attract a counter force trying to control them. Eventually, if 'rules and laws' are studied closely enough it becomes possible to either 'win' or expose the controllers as criminal... But even such exposure does not guarantee winning.. We need evolution and self empowerment, yes. It's a tricky situation.

Wow, that is terrifying. I would love to see her sue the shit out of the doctor and the companies in charge of those towers.

Church invades Europe kills everyone who stands in its way rewrites European history. World wars are fought in order for certain groups to take power. Culture and family are attacked now that is the enemy of progression. Globalism and consumerism new mantras to destroy what's left of culture and identity. Technology deployed to easily subdue a weakened people.

Step one, stop watching porn
Step two, clear mind with exercise put the phone down
Step three. Return to your native people's traditions and culture
Step four find a traditional wife and make more of your kind.

When all of us live with our own people, peace will return. Many violent crimes committed today are because people have lost their identities in a sea of mainstream media. When all men are equal, no men are free. Meaning when we are all the same how can we feel significant. Visit your local high school. Values and honor have been beaten out of children and replaced with conformity to what the internet says are acceptable.

This last phase of technology takes over seals the deal. They aren't using technology to replace fossil fuels or clean the ocean, air, or produce better crops. They are using it to enslave us.

Anyways, when 5g rolls out completely and that web of satellites is beaming internet down over every square inch of earth say goodbye to life as we know it. What little freedom we have left will be gone never again seen by future generations.


Generally I agree, although I stop short of thinking that traditions are inherently beneficial. What is needed for balance and wellbeing is free will and that means free choice with every breath rather than dependency on rigidity, programs, beliefs and inheritance. Evolution means change and to do so consciously means to become the creator that we inherently are - conscious creation vs unconscious habit.

As far as 'living with my own people' goes - I have reincarnated many times in many places in many times - with different skin colours along the way too. My people are those who are in their heart and who choose love now. These are the ones who will survive and thrive once the current accelerated rebalancing process is over.

When all men are equal, no men are free. Meaning when we are all the same how can we feel significant

Being equal does not mean that you are the same as everyone else, to me it means that we are equally valid to creation - equally worthy of existence or we would not exist. If we are equally free to be as we prefer to be without overpowering anyone and without denial, then there is no problem.

I personally don't see internet as a cause of loss of freedom - quite the contrary - in fact I have learned more from the web than I would have been likely to learn without it using traditional modes of communication. However, there is great truth to the need to totally unplug from technology and to return inwards to go on the real journey of internal discovery and connection - to be heart centered and thus balanced. Balance does not deny anything and most things have some value.


Beautifully said. I am also a strong believer I'm the reincarnation, but in my beliefs, we are limited to our family line our DNA, but that gets complicated. That being said, each family has the unlimited possibility of being from anywhere in the world really if you go back far enough. Steemit is a perfect example of using the internet to better your self. I learn more interesting things and perspectives on here than I have anywhere else. Your article is one of them. The sad thing is there will probably be many more victims of these side effects before its taken seriously. Sorry, this went off on such a tangent but your post really got me thinking. Thanks again

Interesting on the towers, but the Legal side is scary! I see more and more where liberals are trying to make it illegal to have a scientific discussion. Usually because they can't win the debate. Man made Global Warming is the latest I have seen on that. BUT this is the first time I have seen medicine so misused for political purposes!

I will say that 1.8 Ghz is a short wavelength, and a high gain antenna field is very possible. Harvesting the output of their tower could be used to charge a battery, while greatly reducing the local field strength. So you could shield your house, and rob power at the same time. It would also ruin the shape of their coverage from that tower.



Unfortunately such abuse of imagined 'authority' has been going on for a long time to varying degrees.

Your idea of electromagnetic aikido is inspired but I imagine it would not take long before your home became the target of a night time drone attack.. Well if you live in Yemen anyway. :/


One of the many reasons I have moved to herbals for primary treatment of everything! I have fired the doctors, then I do NOT have to worry about the politics that are controlling their decisions!

There is a small town (in Utah I think) that is offering a bounty on drones shot down, ROFLOL!

The beauty of the resonant harvesting is that it is almost untraceable. VERY hard to detect! With a lot of what they are doing these days, Yemen treatment is soon to be used here too, SMH!



I see, ok - interesting info, thanks. Yes, self determination in terms of health is essential!


I am off all scripts, and I have not been to my doctor in so long, that he thought I had found another doctor, ROFLOL!

I am healthier now than I was 15 years ago, so herbals WORK!I will be making 500 to 1000 capsules tonight, to restock my inventory jars. They are fresher, and cheaper that way.


I only had to listen for 11 seconds to
realize that she is not a crazy person.


yes, though it takes a balanced person to be able to identify a degree of balance in others.. :/

Well, all wireless networks cause long-term damage to humans, but you have to be close to the transmitting device and 24/7, but they are long-term effects.

Or also the lady if she told the truth and she was very affectionate, because her nueronal network is different (X FILES)


I have seen abundant evidence that exposure does not need to be 24/7 at all - factors include frequency, proximity, amplitude and other prevailing health conditions.


That's right, but each body is unique.

This is frightening. Really goes to show how careful you have to be about having any dealings with the sickness industry.


Absolutely - numerous testimonies expose how such hierachies are deliberately targeted for manipulation and outright mind control to achieve certain agendas. This is not a 'paranoid delusion' as some might claim, but rather is a well evidenced observation from sound reasoning and valid logic - unfortunately.


Do you recall "Operation Freedom" (or something like that... not Iraq) from the Bush years? That was a program that allowed just about any government official dealing with children to declare the child in need of psychiatric care and sever parental rights if the parent disagreed about locking up their kids. Once parental rights were severed the children were institutionalized and then given psychiatric drugs not approved for children. Effectively, the govt. declared that they could take any kid they wanted and let psychiatric drug manufacturers run human trials on those kids. This was in such early days of the internet, and so many of my computers ago that I no longer have links to any of it, but these were actual government documents that were online at one point.


No, I never heard about that, I was a teenager at that time in Britain and didn't have much access to information outside of the mainstream. I have though, seen numerous examples of the US (And other governments) performing criminal human rights abuses on 'their own' people - including murder, rape and torture on large scales. Despite the wishes of those who survived our 'world wars' - we, the people, still haven't managed to settle our souls enough to work together to repel evil. We will though.

Cell phones and the Radiation or whatever it is that causes cancer of the brain, etc., from these things reminds me of the cigarette industry knowing the entire time that tobacco smoke causes cancer. These companies know what they're doing, but they want to make a profit and that's all they care about. It's the same principle: Money over everything.

Like I say on Twitter:

Fascists do shit like this (TM).


Absolutely, often it is the same groups behind the scenes owning and operating such industries - if only more realised, but even now there are so many still smoking cigarettes!

howdy there ura-soul...oh man..this is scary stuff. Hard to believe that we are at this point in our country where this could happen, this was in the United States? Well even if it wasn't it's totally outrageous! great post, I'm resteeming.


Ahoy! This was in Britain - but I know of similar in the US. I have actually seen armed police forcing their way into someone's house in the US and holding them at gunpoint while 'smart meters' were installed! Crazy stuff.
The FCC video in my post here was from the US - one of the more disturbing things I have seen.


howdy again sir ura-sound! oh Britain, sorry my mistake, I think your profile doesn't list your country but thats fine, I know a couple of people from Britain on steemit and they are magnificent. Well thanks for posting about this story because I didn't know it was getting that bad, it's alarming and it seems we're kinda at a loss as to how to stop it. You might end up in jail for telling the truth!
Thanks so much for getting back with me!


You are welcome - everyone who can discern the dynamics of authoritarian control have something of a duty to expose it at every turn. <3


howdy back again sir ura-soul..yes sir I couldn't agree more, we all have a duty. thank you.

Years ago I had my Dr at the time wanting to know if I had guns in my home...I fired that Dr that day, it is none of their business and yes I told her why she was fired.

nice keep it up

nice video

WTF !! We are going to have to wear some crazy metallic Faraday suit now just to go to the store to get a gallon of FcKin Radioactive Milk for our Glyphosate Cheerios!!!


I was thinking the exact same thing. Get the Reynolds Wrap suit!!! Tons of the stuff.....

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This was most unfortunate...


I feel I should step in here as a scientist. All mobile network radiation is in the radio frequencies, which have no effect on the human body. Radio waves are constantly coming from space and do absolutely nothing to the people on the ground (this is why you hear static when you turn a radio to an unused frequency). In fact, if you are afraid of the radiation, Wifi is probably your biggest enemy, because that is also radio/microwave frequency, but much closer to you.

Now for the researcher in me: 99% of the research in this field is inconclusive, meaning they don't see any noticeable effect of radio frequencies on humans. Research has been done on people who claim they are sensitive to this stuff, but when they're put into a room with a transmitter, they can't tell by their symptoms whether it is on or off. This leads the researchers to believe that any symptoms they have (while real) are purely products of their fear. You don't need to be sent to a hospital for this; you just need counseling, most likely.


Greetings, well there are a fair few scientists who disagree with that position. A great deal of the research into this area is 'classified' due to the intense interest in energy weapons.

These are a couple of relevant posts on the topic:


Also, I suggest not being so trigger happy with the downvote button until you know how that works on Steem. You can't effect those with a higher reputation than you, but they can effectively remove your own earnings if your reputation is lower. I don't do that generally, but some people will happily auto vote your account into oblivion if you trigger them.
The idea with downvoting, generally, is that you don't use it just because you don't like something.


Oh, sorry about that. As you might tell, I'm new to this platform. If you wouldn't mind explaining what the votes are for, that would help me.


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I had no idea about any of this.