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I'm your host @reseller

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Funny you should talk @goldmatters! I have this specific product I've been aiming at and I am ONLY afew weeks from shipment @reseller! Great Video!
Have you already started doing steemit fulltime yet?@reseller?,


Yeah, @goldmatters is a great Steemian! I will start my first time Steemit on August 1st. Thanks for asking.


Definitely looking forward to that! I love how you're honest and open with your progress and I hopefully one day will be able to do steemit fulltime as you! It was just a random thought to be honest and thank you for being responsive. Splendid Day to You!




You are a very kind person and appreciate your support! Have a great day.

I like that you mentioned the steeminute, not sure what that is all about. Nooooo, he shaved the beard?!?!?!?! I'm going to go give him some crap. Lol I meant to say, I'm going to give TanBoy some crap!


Too much


dtube steemit same

hahha thanks for the shoutout. Interesting curation stuff with the dtube curation bot


curation bot means?


Happy Birthday man, I wish you had a great day. I was only busting your balls because I like you!

thanks mentioning my name, appreciate it 😁😀


hi sir, i m following you plz upvote and comment on ny blog


No worries, I was just messing with you also. Both Dlive and Dtube are great platforms!


we are also here buddy

Dube...the arch nemesis of DTube!


lol just the sound of that name is funny.


dtube bestever

Hiii @reseller... Blog is very nice

amazing news now unlimited content editing @reseller

nice post




i also like it

i like steemit and your video also

Great info @reseller

Hopefully there will be more curators here on dtube for all the artists here on steemit/dtube/dsound

Have a great Day @reseller


Fantastic work this one, kudos

Congratulations @reseller!
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@reseller wanted to hear your thoughts on whether processing/ indexing content inside of videos on DTube would be beneficial? I know youtube does this behind the scenes, and exposes only the audio closed captioning. Just wanted to hear your thoughts

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