DTube - YouTube Will Now Decide FOR YOU What Is And What Isn’t AUTHORITATIVE NEWS!

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The days of “YouTube” are over and the time of “ThemTube” is upon us.

On Monday July 9th on the official YouTube Blog the company announced their plan to promote and fund “authoritative” news. The mainstream media outlets are not getting the views they used to on cable television but what they do have access to is analytics and ratings and they can see that the majority of news consumers are flooding to YouTube because they no longer trust the mainstream outlets and rightly so!

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth goes over the latest YouTube announcement that they plan to fund news agencies while promoting outlets they determine to be “authoritative”.

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can I ask something?


Hey dude. We are asking your support for our small dlive community. @tfgc . if you wanna help please reply this message.

“Censorship” is a term pertaining only to governmental action. No private action is censorship. No private individual or agency can silence a man or suppress a publication; only the government can do so. The freedom of speech of private individuals includes the right not to agree, not to listen and not to finance one’s own antagonists.

Ayn Rand, The Virtue of Selfishness, 98



Please don't click on this my father has been hacked and they took his account and are trying to infect others.


yep it takes you to a fake website that makes it look like someone duplicated the post and then it prompts you to login. After entering username & password they now have your info and it redirects you to the official homepage.

Hi Dan,

Fantastic video with a very interesting little tidbit RE: BBTV and your subscription to that MCN. Extremely interesting.

I wholly support your message and am part of several initiatives that are going to address the multi-faceted and complex issues which youtube is facing. It's very likely that Youtube is using their heavy handedness and monopoly market position for particular reasons which are not being reported.
Investigation is still ongoing but the additional information you dropped regarding BBTV could be a crucial piece of the puzzle. BBTV is practically the monolith amongst MCNs and their parent company RTI also in the global sphere of digital entertainment industries.

@ex-exploitation @informationwar
#exposingexploitation #informationwar

I am of the mind most of my comments on youtube are blocked so I will ask you here to please do a piece on the meshnet the true path to internet freedom ......

LOL @ ThemTube. Steemit and D.tube have a bright future with all the BS Youtube and FB are up to.

Nice content. It seems good.So i resteem it.

The days of You Tube are counted. Only the matrix will support them and we are against them.

It's hard not to believe in the NWO when you hear things like this.

dtube is looking super promising at this point. So much development and bugs I noticed at the beginning have been fixed.

YouTube is owned by psycopaths

The DTUBE side of this video DOES NOT WORK ⁉️ And I’m highly suspicious of why . I found this logo of Freemason witches that looks just like the old logo . And why haven’t you discovered this DAN⁉️92B9DF91-EF07-4207-9080-C606EB2A5809.jpeg Are we being funneled right into the hands of the devil ⁉️ Work on it before it becomes an embarrassment for you .

It's time seriously move off all platforms (((they))) control.

Like this comment why to like idont know idont have power to like and comment others

Yea youtube is definitely becoming dictatorlike

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