WE WON! Steemit Wins the NetCoins Free Listing Contest!

in netcoins •  4 months ago

I'm sure few have missed the circus surrounding last week's vote and contest to get Steem a Free Listing on the NetCoins platform, offering a whole new way for people to trade Steem tokens.

The Results are in... and WE WON!!!


It was a pretty tense week for a a lot of community members who rallied to get everyone to vote.

Several challengers took the lead along the way — often thanks to "suspicious activity" — only to fall back again once it was discovered that there was some form of "cheating" going on.

At the closing bell of midnight on Saturday, it actually look like we'd lost to late challenger INS-coin, but there was definitely something suspicious about a competitor coming from "nowhere" and suddenly get almost 18,000 votes in the last 12 hours.

Thankfully NetCoin's assurances that "the votes would be reviewed" before the winning announcement would be made turned the vote back in Steem's favor, and we WON!

Congratulations Steemians, and congratulations on such a great community effort!

Hopefully the there will be some positive fruits to our collective labors.


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Joy time to go and find the next one and do this all over again. Got spread like the plague.


It was really gratifying to see that — in spite of all the doom and gloom — there's still enough community here to pull something like this off. Hopefully this will mean more interest returning, and some of all the people who "gave up" might come back for a second look.

I am so proud, we need to win challenges like that and grow our community!


We definitely needed some positive news; some reasons to feel good about there still being some community spirit here. The general crypto bear market hasn't helped the mood much around Steemit, followed by the shenanigans around the HF.20 update. So this was a really good thing!

That's awesome - I'm really pleased about that - thanks for all your promotion which I'm sure helped do it!


Goes to show that there's still some community spirit here, and I noticed that the Steem votes were the ONLY "steadily flowing" of the entrants in the vote. All the others (at least the top 5) would have these sudden "leaps" in their vote totals, every time someone unleashed some script to inflate their totals.

GREAT job to all who voted!!!
Awesome news


For the last two days of the 6-day vote, the community effort really did start kicking in and it gave me some hope that there's still enough interest here to life Steem (and Steemit) to a higher level.

Woohoo thats awesome news :)


It really is! Even though we ended down by 1000+ votes at the time it ended, I was hopeful that the "bought votes" by INS would show an obvious enough "trail" to be discounted... in the end, they got kicked back to 3rd place, probably losing about 8000 votes.

Good for everyone in the Steemit community for rallying!


YEs it was so obvious that something was suspicious with the INS voting, glad they were caught out

Wow !!!
We done it... They whole steem community won this contest


A great example of what can be achieved when people work together towards a common objective.



Even @steemeow is celebrating!

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Fantastic news, no doubt