Fun Away from Home - Arizona and Las Vegas

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I experienced a wonderful time on vacation to Parker, Arizona, the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. The time passes way too fast and today was back to work feeling vacation lag. The day off was sadly not available today. We flew home via Vegas to Pittsburgh and Jeff dropped me off at home to go collect my cat, Newt, and my bird, Sam. My best friend kept them for the week and Newt enjoyed the home and pets there so much he didn't want to get into the crate to return home. Later, he did come to snuggle and sleep with me.


I love catching up with Dad and Patty and seeing the desert after the morning rain. We walked to a place where a Canadian couple totes thousands of rocks into the dessert to make sand stone art of many colors and shapes.

I saw wild burros for the first time and then returned to the Grand Canyon to look out at the breathtaking beauty.


In Vegas Jeff had a work conference at Red Rock Casino and Spa outside Las Vegas proper so I booked two spa days and relaxed for hours on end. I took to the hot tub and eucalyptus steamed sauna. I assure you, there is no toe jam in my toes. I was pampered and treated like a princess. Both days I had wonderful massages by a therapist who used to get migraines. He educated me on his method of discovering healing and went away with his suggestions.


The trip was riddled with migraines, but none so bad to completely incapacitate me. It helped to be away from work and the phones.

This weekend I hope to rest and get back to the normal sleep routine as the time difference effects me a lot. It will be challenging this coming week because we have Spring Ahead for Daylight Savings time change which I always dread.

I hope you all are well and are enjoying Friday!

Photos taken on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

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You got to see the Grand Canyon!! Yay!!

I absolutely had to go back. It is so magnificent!

I always discover healing when I visit my family in Arizona. Not just because of their sobadora traditions but because there's nothing like visiting family.

I agree! I loved seeing my Dad and Pat in there happy winter home. The beautiful environment was a plus!

nice post! :)

Thanks for reading!

Love the photos! Glad you made it to AZ, too. My stay in Las Vegas was 2 hours in the airport. Ha ha! I do wish we could just leave the clocks alone. Pick one or the other, and just leave it be!! Maybe that's why so many retirees go to AZ, too, besides the lack of ice and snow.

It was a wonderful experience. I'm still sluggish 🙃. Vegas is it's on creature for sure. I like less crowds but Jeff feeds on the activity and people.

Thanks for sharing this moving experience. I am a tour guide and I wish I were in your shoes on Friday.

It's a definite need to see trip. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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