NEO is going for Decentralization

in neo •  7 months ago

NEO called "chinese Ethereum" had a great year and now sits at top11 marketcap and has loads of ICOs and dApps planned for this year.


Yes i did cut off top1 volume as its something i never seen or heard of before, so i would stay to assume Binance is still the top and most secure place to trade this (along with others in the list).

So the steps were. Antshares to NEO and now NEO to.. Decentralization.

Yes they are a crypto but they are aware how much their system is centralized and they can nod to it while loads of other coins cant or wont (im not gonna be pointing fingers).

So this looks like awesome news for current and future HODLers.

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It's not NEO struggling with Decentralization, one way or another most projects have the same issue whether it be nodes or miners. It is still so early and we should give every project the chance to decentralize over time.

Thanks for the info! I really really hope NEO does well, it's my largest holding!!

Uh yeah that's laughable it was built in China which we all know is the biggest country against being decentralized they love to control everything. Sounds like a big fat lie and rumor to me.


hey atleast they are more honest about cough Ripple I am looking at you

True decentralisation is almost always good.

Honestly, I'll believe it when I see it. They said 6 months ago that NEO holders would be voting on nodes in Q2 of this year, now they say 2019. BS!

With China against crypto and banning it then it looks like Neo could be a bad coin to invest in; can anyone say otherwise?

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The issue with NEO is how centralized it became, as you mentioned. IMO that really hurts it's potential. Thank for sharing, great post as always

China is interested!

Very thin arcticle. Looks like a rewrite to get some quick clicks

NEO is my first cryptocurrency. And I'm happy that I'm still holding.

Okay, so we can count this another win for good guys (supporters of decentralization) or is it to early? I think this is the step in the right direction.

People can trust this chains that will allow them the power of decentralization. With their trust will come their backing.........

Dont really understand

Its about time.