free the land, free the people WARNING: Gruesome content, do not proceed if sensitive to life

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Fun is cool and all, but when you seem to have too much fun it creates insecurities in others. This can cause others to inflate their ego in order to maintain control within. This power, when ex·ac·er·bated can cause the falling of a brother or sister species. When I type species, what I am referring to is any species under the Animal Kingdom. Homos, are a part of this kingdom, yet we seem to have separated ourselves.

Now, what has man done to the beloved companion given to him?

We have managed to show our dominance through any means necessary. Say, this is due to sexual tendencies, greed, need, whatever it seems it has to be in order for a vessel to feel powerful and in control.

This is WRONG

Heal the world damnit

Start by being respectful to the children, the new souls entering the physical realm, then after the



then after the woman


Man comes last, if he is a real man.

Please share this message in order to get people to think a little.

KoKo out.

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Very well said!!
Humans are the greatest threat to this planet. We're destroying everything. Mistreating the waters, land, plants, animals, and then ourselves; children, women and fellow men. Earth will do just fine without us yet we feel so so special and super important, thereby misusing the privilege given to our species to tend this garden.
Did you observe how nature keeps reducing our populations throughout history by means of wars, famine, plagues, natural disasters etc to maintain an ecological balance?


Famine, Plague, and Death are coming. We will be reduced, only the strong will survive.