Harvesting 15kg of apples!

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Autumn is soon here, which means the end of the gardening season. I have been writing a lot about it this year, since it was the first year that I was the person in charge of the vegetables, fruit and gardening in general, and up until this year I have typically just helped out while my wife has been in charge. It's been a lot of learning, and it's great that so many Steemians are also active vegetable and fruit gardeners, so I have been able to learn a lot from this very platform.

We have a tradition of picking the apples around the time that the autumn semester begins, and this year was a good one. The heat wave that has been present in most of Europe this summer certainly helped the apples grow, and we got a good chunk more than we usually do. After weighing it, we had a total of 15kg, so I guess we don't need to buy apples for a long time. While 15kg might not be the biggest harvest ever, it's more than we had anticipated from the size of our tree, so we're pretty happy with it.

DSC_0504 – Kopi.JPG

One of many full bags of apples.

DSC_0508 – Kopi.JPG

They taste delicious!

We didn't really have a good plan for what we wanted to do with them, but one thing was for certain; we really wanted to bake an apple cake! That didn't really dig much into our supply at all though, so we used a bit over 5kg and made it into apple jam.

DSC_0543 – Kopi.JPG

It tastes a lot better than it looks.

Half of my fridge is still filled with apples, so I am definitely open to suggestion as to what to do with all of them. I'm sure still will stay fresh for a few weeks, but I really need to find a solution to long-term storage of them. I had originally planned on making apple cider, but after researching it, I found the cost of the equipment to be a little too expensive for a small project like this one, since just under 10kg of apple only would give me the equivalent of a six-pack of something like that. So it's just not worth investing into the equipment at this point.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and let me know if you have any good ideas as to what to do with all these apples!

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Verkeleg fine eple dette @Valth
Du har funne ein fin måte å konseervera epla ved å laga eplesyltetøy. Det smakar nok godt vil eg tru.
Eg har halde på med hausting av eple og plommer. Plommene har me laga til syltetøy og noko er laga til plommegraut, ein god dessert som smakar ekstra godt med fløyte til.
Eplene er ekstra gode til eplegraut, eplegrauten (også ein dessert), meiner eg smakar betre enn plommegrauten. Epledesserten vert servert med fløyte til.
Har ein mykje av denne eplegrauten går det an å frysa dette ned i beger eller annan eigna emballasje i fryseboksen.
Då har ein tilgong på god dessert og ein får konservert den store eplehausten på ein god måte.


Takk for det. Eplegrøt høres ut som en god idé. Det tror jeg at jeg skal prøve!

Hei @valth
Jeg tror jeg sitter på ca 50kg med epler. Kastet 3 trillebårer fulle forrige uke og nå er det dobbelt så mye igjen:
Bruker du kun fine epler til eple syltetøyet eller går alt med? Jeg lagde eplekake, det tar 5 epler, så har jo mye igjen:-)

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Oi, det var mye! Det kom i alle fall litt godt ut av ekstremværet i sommer ;)

Jeg bruker stort sett alle eplene til syltetøy, men jeg har faktisk funnet veldig få dårlige i år, så de aller fleste fungerer godt til hva enn jeg måtte ville bruke dem til.

Eplekake er godt da, men du kommer vel til å bli lei innen du har brukt opp alle 50 kiloene :) hehe

What a harvest! They look delicious. Is that the Golden Delicious cultivar actually? Well, while the recent heatwave helped you guys in the north, it was devastating for our harvest in Central Europe :( But if there is a lot of apples (which normally is), we use most of them for apple juice.


Thanks! I have no idea about the cultivar of the apple to be honest, but I don't think they are Golden Delicious. They are actually a lot more green in real life than on the photos, which probably got affected by the indoor lighting. I would guess that they might be Idared or something like that.

And yeah, the heat wave really helped us out up here, but it brought a lot of problems as well. For us gardeners who enjoy "exotic" fruits, it was nice. For farmers who grow wheat, rye and other grains, it was devastating. A lot of farmers apparently had to put down a lot of animals because they could not grow enough food for them :(


Oh man, that is just so sad :( But it happened here too... We also had many rivers, ponds and lakes dried up, resulting in death of thousands of tons of fish... this summer was really cruel.


That's terrible. Things have luckily gotten a bit better here now, with normal amounts of rain again, so at least the worst part seem to be over. Let's hope next year will be better for the animals.

Woow! I'm alao very fond of gardening especially fruits and vegetables! 💙💚🤗

apple chips maybe ? I found some recipes with things u can do with apples: https://www.miasmat.no/mine-beste-oppskrifter-epler/ Hope u will find a good use for all them apples =) good luck!


Apple chips is actually a good idea! Thanks, @sintfisk. I do have a dehydrator, so that should be pretty easy to do :)

You can sell these organic apples and invest in Steem :) just kidding, enjoy your meal!


Hehe, that is actually a cool idea! Unfortunately I don't think I will be able to sell them :P

I hear my mum is battling with apples this year too (and plums). Lots of those apple jars will be ready by winter :)
Best thing! :D


It has been an amazing year for fruit tress this year, especially in Europe. It will be very nice to bring them out and enjoy in the winter when it's a lot colder though. A nice little memory of summer ;)


This is what we all do it for :) Summer in a jar.

It reminded me of the oranges from my childhood home garden...
Growing up, I enjoyed a plentiful supply of awesome homegrown oranges...
It's an amazing feeling, isn't it?


Yeah, it sure is an incredible feeling collecting all these tasty fruits!

I can feel the taste!


It's too bad that I can't upload a taste to the blockchain. Maybe in the distant future!

These Apples looks so tasty.Apples is my favrite fruit.Apples gives many benefits of our body.An apple is a sweet and edible fruits.thanks for sharing.


Yeah, apples are great, both for taste and for the body. Thanks for stopping by :)

It is a matter of luck to eat a fresh fruit now a days. You are really doing well. You are cultivating fresh fruits and vegetables.


Thanks. Yeah, it feels great to cultivate and eat your own fruits and vegetables ;) Thanks for stopping by, @rhythmoflife!

I like to eat apples.
It tastes sweet and slightly sour. apples can be processed into juice and jam.
Have a good day my friend @valth


Yeah, apples taste very nice. Have a good day you too!


Thanks my friend.

Wooww great harvest friend, and very useful.


Yeah, it was for sure a nice harvest! Thanks for stopping by :)

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