Another vegetable is ready for havest; this time it's the chili!

in nature •  7 months ago

This summer has been the hottest one we have had in Norway for over 50 years, but this is not only bad, especially for us who have grown fruits and vegetables. I have already harvested some cucumber about a week ago, and today it was time to harvest the first chili as well!

DSC_0204 – Kopi.JPG

There are several species of chili, as well as multiple cultivars, and I have no idea what type of chili it is. Judging by the looks alone, I assume it's just a standard type that's not too hot, but maybe I will be surprised later tonight when I will use it for cooking. I'm not all that familiar with using chili for cooking, and I have about 25+ more chilies waiting to get ready, so I guess it's time to learn some new dishes that uses chili.

DSC_0214 – Kopi.JPG

Busy life, and little time for Steem

The amazing weather we're having also means that I spend mot of my time outside, and the last two days I have mostly been unable to be active on the Steem blockchain at all. Sorry to everyone who have written a comment to me, that I have yet to answer! I will get to answer them when I have a few hours to spare, but please don't think your comments have gone unnoticed and unappreciated, because they have not.

Anyway, I'm heading off to a small beach trip, so I will catch you guys later. I hope everyone is having a great day, and are enjoying it as much as I am!

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Wow! Beautiful and great photography of red and green chillies. 🌶🌶
I love chillies. 😍🤗❤

Thanks @valth for sharing this post.


I'm glad you liked it :)

That first pic is beautiful!
I like red bell peppers.
Do you have a pic of your garden?


Thank you. I don't at the moment no, but maybe I could get one if I remember. It's not a great garden though, with lots of mess and unfinished projects :P

Oh man, after spending more than a year in Mexico, I cannot live without chili (jalapenos to be more specific) anymore! :D These look delicious! Kudos to you and your farming skills as you managed to grow these beauties in Norway! Let us know what it tasted like ;)


I got a lot of help from the extreme heat that we've been having though. Unfortunately they were a lot less spicy than I had hoped for :P I think I will have to plant a spicier cultivar next summer.

Those chilis are looking awesome, @valth.
I'm so in love with the shape and the colors...
Every year I consider planting them, but since we never eat them, it would be kind of a waste.

The hot weather seems to be a worldwide phenomenon. I'm like melting away here in Belgium, but my veggies are over the moon with these extreme temperatures. They are almost breaking out of the greenhouse, lol


Thanks! I have kind of the same problem since I don't use them that often for cooking. I plan on making all the leftover chilies into a powder though, so I can store them permanently until I need it.

Yeah, the heat seems to be crazy all over the world, but it's good that we vegetable growers have benefited from it. I'm sure that I would not have gotten as many chilies if they weather had been normal. It requires a huge attention to watering though, and I have to water them at least twice a day to keep them from drying up.


So they are such as spoiled brats - or even worse - as tomato plants?

It's a good idea, though, to make chili powder. Maybe I finally found a reason to give them a try next year...

Wow healthy chillies. We use spicy food in our part of the world. What is the situation at your place @valth


We have not traditionally used many spices here in Norway, but this is changing these days now that the world is so much more interconnected. So it's starting to be a lot more common than it was only 20 years ago.

We Asians love chillis and most of the dishes here contain chilli...

Mostly the chilli is dried and ground as a powder... But it can also be used otherwise. We even have the chilli pickle here.


I love to use chili powder in dishes as well, but it's probably a lot less common here northern Europe. Chili pickles sound interesting! I did not even know that it was a thing.

I often eat chili. I usually process chili into sauce to eat, it feels spicy, but tasty. This chili is called red pepper.
Oa, what's the degree of summer celsius in your place my friend ?


Ah, that sounds nice. It's about 30 degrees Celsius here, which is very hot for Norway.


Means hotter at my place, the temperature at my place is about 33 degrees celsius my friend.


That's pretty hot! :O

Thank you for the beautiful photos!
I wish you a pleasant walk on the beach!

Great vacation,
Best wishes from @Singa
Have a nice weekend! @Valth


Thanks, @singa! And thank you for stopping by :D I hope you have a nice weekend as well.

A beautiful combination of green and red chilli.your gardening is so beautiful.I love to eat green chilli.infact I have fried chilli filled with
Spice today ..and,it was too yummy.


Thank you! That sounds delicious :D

Those look great. Do you kerp you4 peppers whole or dry them and make flakes? This post would look great under the tag #ghsc!

Global Homestead Collective Come join us on discord!


Thanks! I'm not sure yet - this is the first time I've grown them. But I think I will dry some of them, or maybe make some of them into a powder. And I have never heard of that tag before, but I'll make sure to keep it in mind for the next time :)

As someone that likes to eat spicy all the damn time seeing these pictures makes my mouth water. :D


Hehe, I'm sorry about that! :P

Have fun at the beach! Those chili photos are amazing!!! Heat is perfect for growing them...


Thanks! Yeah, they really love the heat wave we've been having.


Nice! Enjoy the summer!

It is looking so fresh. To cultivate such kind of fresh chili is really impressive. I appreciate your job also. Thanks for sharing the experience with us.


Yep, it sure is fresh when it's right off the plant ;) And I'm glad you liked the post!

@valth chilli is required in all vegetables. so it's a good choice. and enjoy your beach trip also.


Thanks! Yeah, chili is very nice ;)

Somebody requested I squise this fruit; get out the juice into my EYES!!
He claims it will be a MEMORABLE experience for ME. Should I head his advise??@valt


He got a big deal because he works hard to do this gardening.


No, you should probably not get chili into your eyes unless you enjoy a painful experience. It might even be harmful to your eyes :P

Chili is so spicy. And i love to taste it. We pakistani so much like spicy foods.


Yeah, it sure is spicy! :)

I must start with a thank. I hope you know why...because your vote takes me to your blog. So I found a post that spreads fresh, like a chili in your photo. This summer the weather seems to have gone mad ... I heard about the totally unusual temperatures that are in the north. I hope not to hurt nature. Where I live, Romania, July was the most rainy one I saw ... and I'm no longer young! I'm glad I saw your chili, I have a very small garden, almost only with flowers and a chili. I'm away from home for over a month and I do not know what my chili is. I'm glad I saw yours. As they look are definitely hot. I tend to put a little chili in salad and in a Hungarian food called gulas (made from vegetables and meat).