Garage Rock Motown Cover! I'll Keep Holding On - by The Marvelettes THEN by The Action

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Here's a cool Garage Rock guitar based song that was originally done by that fabulous Girl Group, The Marvelettes!

In May 1965 The Marvelettes released the original version of I'll Keep Holding On. It wasn't a huge hit like some of their other songs. They had bigger hits with Please Mr Postman (covered by The Beatles) and Don't Mess With Bill. But still it did pretty well, reaching #34 on the Bilboard charts.

I like this version! The vocals are cool but I feel the instrumentation is a bit sparse. Listen and see what you think.

In early 1966, The Action, a Mod Band from the London area released their version, adding a word to the title -

I'll Keep On Holding On!

No horns in this one. It's just guitar, bass and drums. The vocals are more pop/rock/mod but still, the soul vibe is there. I love this version! The beat is better, the back up vocals are cooler, and the song is a minute longer!

So what do you think? Who wore it better? Okay, who sang it better? :)

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Hey Music Fans!

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Both renditions are equally impressive and pleasing to the ear...
Thanks for uncovering both of them, man!


I'm glad you liked both versions of this song! Check out my other posts if you like obscure 1960s Garage Rock music. Thank you!

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Good find, brother!