Strive to be the best

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Should everyone strive to be the best?
If this question was ask, what will be your answer?

Well, i will say YES. It is important we all try to be the best in every aspect of life. I believe practice makes us perfect. In life, at one point or the other we make mistakes and in correcting them we get better, even when we do things we are not recognized for, keep striving for the best.

A quote by Abraham Lincoln says;

Don't worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition

This post is an invitation for you to find your voice and leave a mark in the world; an invitation to surpass the average and aim for higher levels of excellence; an invitation to tap into your talents more deeply than before and turn yourself into a radiating powerhouse. It is time to live your purpose in life and share your unique, beautiful gifts with all other beings.


Striving to be the best is very important in everything you do in life, it makes you stand out of the crowd, it involves putting in the best in everything you do and this attitude makes you an achiever as you separate yourselves from non-achievers. However; the society you grow up in, the friends you mingle with, the things you watch and read may determine at large how you perceive excellence and the goal of the best result out of your life.

In striving to be the best you must know yourself, know your strengths, take pride in yourself and show yourself in broad daylight to make this world a better place.


Here are some simple ways to strive to be the best;

  • Learn something new every day
    Be a kind of person that is eager to add to your knowledge daily, read articles, make personal research, be part of the activities going on in the community, attend training. If you want to be the best learn to pick up something new everyday.

  • Focus on being not on having
    Most people miss this particular point, they want to have first before being but the truth is if you want to have first you will miss it all. Start with building your career, be known for something. Finding a way to make it big and having enough has been the blood of our economy but with scarcer resources it is time for us to define ourselves base on Who we are instead of What we have.

  • Go the extra mile
    Go the extra mile in everything you do in life, when asked to do a task go beyond your job description, do it before the targeted time. Do things that gets you notice, strive to be the excellent person you are.

  • Give the very best of yourself to the world
    Always talk yourself, ask yourself 'Did i give the very best of myself to the world today? Try to explore what you did throughout the day, if the experience is bad try to learn from it and keep striving to be your very best. It is certain that in trying everyday the best of you will be noticed with time.

  • Face the challenges
    What is the challenge you have gone through in the past, what happened in the past that left a rotten piece in your heart? Now is the time to face the demon that has deprived you, challenges that put in fear in your heart. You can only be healed when you address the darker parts of your heart and brighten your future as you move freely with it.

  • Open your heart and listen
    When you come in contact with people assume they mean no harm, leave the bad side of them, open your hearts, listen to their stories and learn from it, True listening requires an open heart and an open mind. Beautiful connections can only develop when your heart is open to receive, try as much as possible to switch from fear to a life where you expect only the best in yourself and others.

  • Follow those you will learn from
    Identify your black holes, associate with the right kind of people and make friends that you can learn from, separate yourselves from those activities or people in which you spend time without feeling inspired. Finding people that are striving for the best like you might be a bit challenging but you can find time to connect with people of like minds, discuss your passion with them and if their response is convincing go closer to them and deepen the friendship.

  • Test your strengths by taking up difficult tasks
    Step forward when a difficult task is presented, take advantage of those kind of opportunities that come your way, put your fear aside and tell yourself 'I can do it'. You can discuss it with people of higher knowledge, seek for their advise and don’t beat yourself up when you make a mistake. 'It is learning progress/You are work in progress'.


If you want to be your best, you must step outside your comfort zone, train yourself with spirit of endeavor, be ready to accept trials/challenges. Progress is built with time and certainly you will experience challenges, they are only there to make you stronger.

Till i come your way next time.

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Really it is an unwritten true !

what a nice blog, truly motivating, all the things you have said very vital to be successful. Thanks for this wonderful blog God blessed.


You are always welcome. thanks for visiting my blog

Thanks for sharing this .... kinda need it rn.


This is what happens whenever i read your post; it makes my spirit glow and gives me this inspiration that says "JUST GET UP NOW" and yes folks all you need is get up with the determination not to look back...
Striving to be the best is a spirit and this spirit comes from the determination to leaves a mark here after our departure.
IMagine; that our judgement would be based on how best you impacted peoples lives.can you attain such fit by not striving to be the best at whatever you do?
Thanks @jglowsinger as always for sharing.
More flow I pray you, cheers.

Still Elisedaniels...Love for the Gospel.


I am happy to know my blog keeps you motivated. Cheers

Can not agree more. Great article.