Never Give up on People

in motivation •  10 months ago

My post today will be very brief, it is just to encourage you to keep reaching out to people.

If you love someone, you should never give up on them even it gets hard, TOO HARD.


I have learnt in life never to give up on people, you might not know what they have been going through in their lives, there possibly might be so much problems they might be going through that will make them look unserious to you, try as much as possible to hold unto your loved ones even though they are always indifferent to you.

There might also be exceptions, if they sound like they don't want your company... LET THEM BE

I am saying all these because i had the same challenge with the person who brought me to Steemit. The first time i hard about Steemit was a year ago, but then i was going through alot of challenge that i was not focused, i was reminded severally but i paid no attention but the one taking out time to follow up on me never gave up on me, he continued preaching Steemit because he had the conviction that i will do well here and i finally signed up in February, CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW LONG?

Don't give up on people
Don't see poeple as 'Unserious'
Don't stop reaching out to people
Do not stop telling people about Steemit
Be the reason why someone will smile tomorrow
Who knows? You might be the reason a life will be changed forever.

Live, Love, forgive and Never give up

Till i come your way next time

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