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Thanks a lot to all players for bringing life to the game, for their feedbacks, their support and everything else... www.moonSTEEM.com

This post will explain Profits and Losses, how they are distributed, and will detail changes that will occur with Official Launch (planned for Monday).

What is P&L (profits & losses)

At the end of each game, the profits or losses (P&L) made by the site (difference between the amount bet by players and the amount cashed out by these same players) during the game is distributed to all “shareholders” (users having a share of P&L).

So your P&L balance can be positive or negative (depending on the house losing or winning against players since you “acquired” your shares). When your P&L balance is positive, you can withdraw the amount at any time. When negative, you can not withdraw (else it would impact your playing balance).

How to get a stake in P&L share ?

The P&L share is split across 6 roles

  1. Owner (moonSTEEM owners and proprietary bankroll)
  2. Invest (Investors betting on the house) - disabled until official launch
  3. Bet (Players betting against the house)
  4. Sponsor (Promoters of moonSTEEM)
  5. Promotion (Users participating in promotion events run by moonSTEEM)
  6. Delegation (Users delegating SP to @moonsteem)

Under the ‘P&L’ tab, you will see the following roles


Investors can choose to bet on the house and earn a % stake under Invest role of P&L share (30%). Your % stake is calculated using relative model. Formula :
(your invested steemies / total steemies invested) * 30 % = P&L share (Invest)
A time bonus also enters in the calculation (negative impact during first 3 days / positive impact after that / capped positive impact after 14 days)

Investment dilution fee

There will be a 0.5% dilution fee when investing. This percentage will go up with time passing (and will be capped at 1 or 2%, not defined yet).

How does this work ? When investing, 0.5% of the amount invested will be distributed to previous investors (depending on the amount invested by said investors) and transferred to their invest balance. This dilution fee is lost for the current investor. For the best game experience, we need our bankroll to be growing and stable. Putting a dilution fee allows us to make sure capital won’t move too fast in and out the bankroll.


Players bet, and whether they WIN or LOSE it will earn them a % stake under Bet role of P&L share (10%). Your % stake is calculated using relative model. Formula :
(your bets in the last 7 days / total bets in the last 7 days) * 10 % = P&L share (Bet)


Players can get their they own referral link under ‘Affiliates’ tab. When new players sign up using the sponsor’s referral link, sponsor will earn a % stake under Sponsor role of P&L share (5%). Your % stake is calculated using relative model. Formula :
(your affiliates’ bets in the last 7 days / total affiliates’ bets in the last 7 days) * 5 % = P&L share (sponsor)


40% of the P&L share (owner) will go to moonSTEEM owners for project development, infrastructure/operation costs, increasing proprietary bankroll and profits.


Unique feature of the Steem blockchain, this allow users to delegate Steem Power to the @moonsteem account and earn a % stake under Delegation role of P&L share (10%). Your % stake is calculated using relative model. Formula :
(your total SP delegated / total SP delegated) * 10 % = P&L share (delegation)
A time bonus also enters in the calculation (negative impact during first 3 days / positive impact after that / capped positive impact after 14 days)

You can start to delegate to @moonsteem now using the following tools :


moonSTEEM account will be doing promotional events (ie the previous ones resteem and tag 2 friends) which let players earn a % stake under Promotion role of P&L share (5%). Your % stake is calculated using relative model. Formula :
(your promotion score / total promotion score) * 5 % = P&L share (promotion)

As P&L shares are actualized almost instantly, after doing one of the above actions, the impact should be almost immediately visible in the ‘P&L’ tab of your account.


Total invested steemies : 10 million steemies
Total SP delegated : 100 SP
Last 7 days total bets : 100 million steemies

Armstrong decides to

  1. Invest 10 million steemies
  2. Delegate 200 SP to @moonsteem
  3. Proceed to bet 5 million steemies

Then, his total P&L share will be 22.068% with the following breakdown :

  1. Invest : 10 million steemies * 0.995 / 20 million steemies (updated total invested steemies with Armstrong’s investment) * 0.3 = 14.925%
  2. Delegation : 200 SP / 300 SP * 0.1 = 6.667%
  3. Bet : 5 million steemies / 105 million steemies * 0.1 = 0.476%

Deposit Updates

When deposits will be allowed (on official launch), there will be a maximum limit of 50 STEEM per 24 hours per account. Every deposit above that limit will be sent back automatically.
Note : this is ONLY TEMPORARY as we test the deposit system with live load and usage. This limit will increase gradually until there’s no limit.

Withdrawal Updates

To better secure the system and also players’ and investors’ funds (for now only moonsteem’s own bankroll is at risk, but that will change once invest feature is open), withdrawals will be automatically processed within the limit of 5 STEEM per account and per 24 hours. Above that, all withdrawals stay possible but they will require admin confirmation before being transferred to your Steem account. This should take less than 24hrs (hopefully it will be a lot faster than that) to process depending on load.
Note : this is ONLY TEMPORARY as we test out the systems with live load and usage. This limit will increase gradually until there’s no limit. No withdrawal will be declined by admins except if it’s a fraud or due to a security flaw on our end. The only goal with these temporary limits is to ensure the site, the players’ and investors’ funds are 100% secure.

Limiting deposits limits risk (potential losses) for players and investors if there’s a security flaw, withdrawal limits makes sure that if there’s indeed a security flaw, it can be repaired without too much damage on players’ and investors’ funds. Little by little these limits will be increased, until the confidence in the system and security is optimal, then there will be no more limits at all.

Official Launch

Due to feedbacks and additional upgrades required to secure the system as much as possible, estimated official launch date is moved to Monday March the 4th. Please bear with us for a little longer as we want to ensure things are proper and secure. All the updates described in this post will take effect with the official launch.

Until official launch, you can still play and get free steemies by upvoting any @moonsteem post or comment. You’ll need to have logged in at least once on www.moonSTEEM.com before making the upvotes for the free steemies to get credited on your account.

If you reside in a location where gambling, or betting over the internet is illegal, please do not click on anything related to these activities on this site. You must be 18 to 21 years of age to click on any gambling related items even if it is legal to do so in your location. Recognising that the laws and regulations involving online gaming are different everywhere, players are advised to check with the laws that exist within their own jurisdiction or region to ascertain the legality of the activities which are covered.

The game provided by moonSTEEM is based on blockchain, provably-fair, and transparency. As with all gambling, there’s entertainment value for the thrill and it also carries with it a certain degree of financial risk. Players should be aware of these risks and go with the amount that you can afford to lose, Be responsible and don’t overindulge.

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I just wanted to stop over and say a few things...

  • Having moonsteem to play on occasion for me has been WONDERFUL! I used to get stuck on writing a post, stop and get frustrated... now I pop open a new tab... play a few rounds and it helps restart my brain!
  • Am a gambler at heart (thanks to my hubby and our infrequent trips to a casino near here) and I love games of chance mostly (roulette, craps) so this game is right up my alley!

This song is perfect then...


lol @direwolf! Yup- you got the right one here!


fabulous ! sometimes the brain need some unwind to refresh and get new ideas

nice to have common interest with ya love one hi5. i like roulette too where i can spread my chips on alot of numbers haha

see you around more often and may the moon be with you ! =)


sometimes the brain need some unwind to refresh and get new ideas


Sending you a SP Del now.


i lost all my steemies

@msowner2 hello, let me have free deposit. thank you.

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Delego 100SP, si os lo curráis en "Spanish" cambio mi delegación a 500 ;)

All greatly explained :) good luck guys!
Also is there any minimum delegation amount?

Edit: OK, theres no minimum :)
If you guys need a delegation link, just write a comment with: delegate 50 sp to @moonsteem


Hi @beat-the-bookies! Special squad of highly trained hamsters prepared this delegation link for you:
steemconnect 100.0 SP delegation to @moonsteem.


thank for trying and delegation. Wow appreciate the 'shortcut' delegation link, man you're good.

Great Stuff! Looking forward to launch 🚀

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see u at the launch ! =)

Great stuff! Decide to delegate SP now.

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thanks pennsif !

Let's moon! To celebrate this I have delegated some SP to @moonsteem :)
Can't wait until Monday!


yeah ! thx for the delegation =) see ya on mon


thx gabby ! =) seeya on mon


waiting for the deposit option😂

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Good stuff look forward to the launch on Monday!


thx mate ! cya on mon

Looking forward for official launch😃

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yeah man lets aim for the moon!~

I just saw your post. I upvoted. Can I resteem and tag two friends in this post because previous post's payout time is over now.


unfortunately, resteem and tag bonus doesnt count for this post. pls wait for the next promotion

I just Delegated some SP to Get Started. Thank you @moonsteem


nice ! thx man cya on mon


@msowner2 can you just tell me, what is the income (%) of the delegator to moonsteem? Just approx.

I think this might be a good project.

I got some SP coming back in a couple of days and will be delegating some or all to @moonsteem.


fantastic ! thx mate for ya support cya on mon for the launch

Love this s much

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This is 100% fun and exciting game. Surely Will delegate SP for this stuff. I really enjoyed playing this with my pal @gabu01. @msowner2 can help me top up some preemie today as I like to play and learn more on this beautiful stuff.

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Let's say I invest 100 Steem for house. Without dilution fee, it will be 99,5 Steem. When I'll be able to withdraw those steem?

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It's interesting.. I just started playing... thanks