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This is my entry for the #monomad Challenge Sunday Skies by @monochromes and @brumest.

Free Bird


Photos taken in North Venice Beach California Location Click Here

Click image to view full size.

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Amazing. Great song by Lynyrd Skynyrd!


Once of my favorites, however overplayed. Simple Man is another.


You'r right on with that. Tuesdays Gone is another one.. SHA is overplayed as well.


Well I think we have the top 3 LS classics. I will be playing country rock this weekend! Thanks.


Maybe I'll start posting about classic rock. There are so many others that post great music. I need to find my niche.

Oh so impressive, little apocalyptic Black and White shot! I like how you focused on detail of bird;)


Thank you. great description! The Seagull's know me thus always pose for me in SM ;)

very beautiful photos, i really enjoy it

this is a very good picture with the subject of flying birds,
you are amazing @armentor

beautiful picture,
with little sunset shades
Thanks for sharing @armentor

Wowww amizing. Good post @armentor