Reliance at a Glance at new victory #mukesh ambani

in money •  10 months ago

RIL is the largest and the youngest growing company in india and its run by one of the TOP 100th millionare person in the wold his name is Mukesh Ambani.

RIL is india's largest private sector company on key financial parameters.It has many business like Refining & marketing, petrochemical, oil and gas exploration, Retail, Digital services, Media & EntertaiNment all this business are run by our one many army name Mukesh Ambani. He is itself an gujarati so as gujarati people says that they have their blood in business.

Reliance growth is strongly embedded in its value of integrity. safe and excellence. Reliance endored inclusive development of all the stakeholders including society at large and they are running at that speed where less number of people go and achieve goals.

As a new india begain reliance is once again a Digital life for india and facilitating progress.

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Reliance a big name in Indian sector


yes dear its large company

How can u define jio coin?


jio coin wast just rumours it will not come until btc will be legal in india


yes you can called is like a whale also

Reliance Jio Info is drawing up plans to create its own crypto, Jio Coin.


i have no idea but according to me near month i dont thing so

Now reliance is going to start new projects like manufacturing of Carbon Fiber, 3D Printing etc.
it will effect share price of RIL in Long term.

Buy Candidate for Long Term


wow it will be huge current is around 950 rupees

Reliance Jio Infocomm is drawing up plans to create its own cryptocurrency Jio Coin


yes sure if it comes than price will be at moon

Great article you have share with all.


i am sharing bro thanks


thank you very much dear you too are smart