🔥 Is STEEM Still The #1 Cryptocurrency For Investors? Data Analysis On 04/08/2021 UTC. 🔥

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This question shall be answered by the analysis of some data from the application coin-doubler.

How does coin-doubler work

This application generates profits in the cryptoscene by using the most advanced technology and everybody can benefit from it by "donations". Donations to coin-doubler are rewarded with twice the amount in the same token over an unspecified period of time, also as a gift.

Evaluation of a randomly selected donation

The user sweet-quail has donated 4,400.000 STEEM to coin-doubler with this transaction efb3eb4afd9762cb2fe9b984b58175cc13cb7f39 on 02/08/2021 UTC.

List of the gifts

The table below lists the corresponding gifts which the user sweet-quail has received from coin-doubler.

102/09/2021156.122 STEEM24f05ddb21c407131324d79aaafcabbcc01103f9
202/10/2021157.660 STEEM3c769aa023aa6574404be4084f797de88ca1d7eb
302/11/2021155.336 STEEM2cc277dc681c19c654976e2e80d613fdca19eaf2
402/12/2021151.270 STEEMa896bfdc40f8fadeb32213966f920d0aa3a3d3f5
502/13/2021143.910 STEEM61b1e9a1f2cc569a56ba6db70f0283831235757a
602/14/2021151.273 STEEM2336fc32644fdf36e782651f1c33c3fe850767ca
702/15/2021159.394 STEEM65494ae80ee9a3399b7cf8a937dbcda6c7fd1aea
802/16/2021170.887 STEEMa6c20d7b5cd3b696820c0f563f4f48797dbf86ae
902/17/2021141.560 STEEMb6dcdd096eafb1f2807380964d129be287e6c1cf
1002/18/2021144.283 STEEM842fb50ea43cd4fdbb05fb31ec91e942028a8b36
1102/19/2021169.318 STEEMe4c6beab3cf890015f317055495cc98f09eb7d34
1202/20/2021133.468 STEEM8a9ce912259ebd79fcc2d8d8cb51fe1061ad6a57
1302/21/2021164.816 STEEM52269115a7a851a6499b86e26db1bc9717304275
1402/22/2021143.804 STEEMe27703f0df06796ddace6d744b18c0c9639025d8
1502/23/2021159.128 STEEMb12db9f3840788c2248d622bdd5093f51facf074
1602/24/2021133.537 STEEM0e6b902977ed6aec7d66985db396b63fdbc4cb26
1702/25/2021136.766 STEEM5928ba675e9992e9d385ba5094a7ba9958b3270b
1802/26/2021136.144 STEEM48bc0782e7f19cd426c281bef683b7fb13a833af
1902/27/2021155.562 STEEM710ea114f886659b7d2a9f0ed70df85ce43d72d9
2002/28/2021174.705 STEEMcf07ef2908a77c74de94346d375c276d5c42b243
2103/01/2021146.579 STEEM1d57bdb1036b87f3999c8dc1c910b3005c24d233
2203/02/2021174.801 STEEM39d66a67821482156c1a174a657a06d8ae0b4de8
2303/03/2021159.408 STEEM97505d8787dd13a5fd49259dec8a5f604aa151cf
2403/04/2021345.162 STEEM20290cd433c925198c4eabb194e8c4781f787f0c
2503/05/2021151.052 STEEM04f12bc1e6d7eb22c0fd696d2c3483c38cd44357
2603/06/2021134.965 STEEM13132d3db92f804e74369bd952f3f26720225f9f
2703/07/2021137.744 STEEMe3f9c79f60ea0e44010c6fe66111671f90d8d799
2803/08/2021163.471 STEEMd0497879772384e3c319dcd1aa62e7c630b7e405
2903/09/2021156.436 STEEM0d676347b29987fc61e9f63202309d737cea8f00
3003/10/2021132.624 STEEM4cd5875a539a5fcc73ca4036d55638a6c6780228
3103/11/2021132.480 STEEM54d2cc908d038e3a8ddd8e6a2e73c4bf3d6d978d
3203/12/2021175.445 STEEMc3bd50a5168fda4548b08311c88d12a0411b1f08
3303/13/2021166.328 STEEM65c802321da9378fb0f115df31ab60a721f9332f
3403/14/2021165.268 STEEM8f5b9815cb07d8fd6638838c597bd1f64404bada
3503/15/2021132.948 STEEM476a8e99cc5c71c3b297c34540086085c150c93a
3603/16/2021162.631 STEEMbae5d4105554390b68742c19991b3cb01d73cf5a
3703/17/2021164.547 STEEMa343e594c739d0ac1be804eb49b2edeef7a8348f
3803/18/2021142.609 STEEMdfa91570e689ef43bb6b83faa0a467115d389887
3903/19/2021165.255 STEEMe3854062a29b7cbd8dfc7a8335fbf1a774a90a2a
4003/20/2021141.380 STEEM5dab0769211f300fea6d6a449763bd05dc51df0a
4103/21/2021172.085 STEEM430978a1350f5b2ee64cbe6a283fbd780cd8985f
4203/22/2021171.770 STEEM17ee65a32603f0ed71f56ec72b8f9c5ed44f5c05
4303/23/2021151.229 STEEM3c4334ab65914ecd2e6f331e56338785367e6554
4403/24/2021153.864 STEEMab5ede254115a577bd9c44eaffa2979dfaf49f51
4503/25/2021151.707 STEEMe1ed41cd94a494b73a0975238d33a2e00763b722
4603/26/2021136.061 STEEMb40b99896e5c4ac0f2e3b795a3e0a9e58a142060
4703/27/2021174.610 STEEMd2130a8a4e653b0d7ba0cb3c530663186651ef5a
4803/28/2021142.330 STEEMe9fda246c62fdc29142230d8d993ceab9cc3366d
4903/29/2021134.995 STEEM6741d16b1e77826a52423caa38ade462965485ae
5003/30/2021166.585 STEEMb10b493391281f3409f2e3c32cb4cfe91363cc2f
5103/31/2021139.156 STEEMde05916e8b79425d94444ce7b730e9a4c245d36f
5204/01/2021141.565 STEEM5490698d6a74c27f64f03cfbad15b4a4d9b95c4b
5304/02/2021150.683 STEEM75ac53d6f0690a0a1f60172525e9e0b22e075bdb
5404/03/2021170.820 STEEMf04cad17f71abaa2eedda8b7b4d2c173db36b8b3
5504/04/2021149.002 STEEMf442db87bed9ccb1292176e6605d3b423a4cb953
5604/05/2021138.859 STEEM64c05ff1208ef35c3d755cfda75fa116cd922406
5704/06/202164.602 STEEM85ef20ec5b4928c8b9871a807f5a0e2c0721efa7
5804/07/20210.001 STEEM7263cc2b828a90e5c548c378b0dd0b7b2881dae3

Total: 8,800.000 STEEM


The user sweet-quail has been rewarded with twice the amount of the "donation" within 58 days.

Technical Analysis for STEEM

As the application coin-doubler has the potential to attract numerous investors, STEEM's price is expected to rise.

Technical Analysis for STEEM crypto currency

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