Pennsif's Sustainability Curation Digest for MSP - week ending 6 January 2019

in minnowsupport •  3 months ago

First curation of 2019. Here's to a great steem year ahead...

The new year is still finding its feet and the good folk of steem are only just getting back into the posting groove.

But I've found a great bunch of great posts for this week's education and edification.

Check out my 5 picks of the week...

My Five Picks of the Week

A Big December - DIY Recycling For Income - More Examples Of 100% Free Inventory Saved & Sold For $724 by @steemmatt

If every city and every town had a team of SteemMatt's would we still need landfill and rubbish dumps...

The twang of bowstrings... by @galenkp

Time to get my bow out again...

Sauerkraut: learning to do food fermentation by @a0i

I've overcome a childhood sauerkraut trauma, and now I love it...

More New Year Healthy Eating Inspiration 🥕🍅🥔 {Building a Solid Soup} by @plantstoplanks

Nothing beats a good bowl of vegetable soup, particularly on a cold winter's day...

DIY Healthy Kitchen | Creamy Vanilla Hemp Milk by @birdsinparadise

Travelling on the road to veganism I am always exploring dairy alternatives, but I haven't tried hemp milk yet...

And four bonus tracks this week...

I am always on the lookout for posts to include in this weekly Sustainability Curation Digest.

I am also always seeking out new guests for my radio show that I host on MSP Waves Radio every Thursday.

If you are interesting in coming on the show, or if you have suggestions for suitable posts for this digest, feel free to comment below, or contact me on Discord @Pennsif#9921.

I also run a charitable giving project called A Dollar A Day - you can read more about that here :

I am looking for more projects to support with that and I am particularly interested in finding some sustainability / renewables related projects.

The Minnow Support Project has multiple curators that pick five posts from under-valued minnows each week to highlight through MSP3k. This way MSP and PAL can promote new writers and content creators on Steemit, and in effect reward them for doing a superior job.

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Thanks for including me in a great roundup! I need to try making my own hemp milk, too. And another batch of homemade sauerkraut. 😆


Sounds like you are going to be busy.


Definitely the good kind of busy. 😀 Hemp milk is done. Hopefully they'll have some cabbage at the farmers market this weekend so I can work on the sauerkraut!

Great authors featured here today! Thank you for including my post!


You are welcome. Thank you for checking out the post.

Nice choices. Looking forward to readi g them all.


Hope you are doing well now Ren.

Some great content as always thanks for highlighting 💯🐒


Enjoy the posts!

Some interesting choices, and posts i haven't yet seen. thank you

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