Hashflare Cloud Mining Profitable? 😂 Maintenance Fee is Skyrocketing 100%

in mining •  11 months ago

The current situation in cloud mining industry in Hashflare a few days ago we reached the point when maintenance fee is higher than the payout!

So now it doesn't matter how much Hashpower you have in bitcoin cloud mining contracts your maintenance fee will be more than 100% of your mining per day because Hashflare is counting fee in USD ($0.35 per TH/s) that result in the payout from day mining is less than the maintenance fee.

Check This Screen 😁

The funny moment is they were trying to sell us more hash power just a few days ago they decree price for bitcoin mining contract to sell more ''very profitable contracts''

Just a few angry comments from Twitter:

''The problem with Hasflare they never listen to their customers. Maintenance of 85% we might as well just give you our money.''

''new price is $60 USD per TH ... 100TH would be 6000$ .. so lets say your daily forecast is 45$ , hashflare will subtract around 35$ in fees.. and you get 10$ with current price and difficulty... just BUY BITCOIN everyone until they lower their fees''

''How about never invest there anymore 😁''

Twitter is full of mad comment when they invested more than $10k - 20k and now they are receiving nothing!

And This is the Message From Hashflare Team 😄

''Because of the current market situation, with the latest spike of mining difficulty exceeding 14% (https://bitcoinwisdom.com/bitcoin/difficulty), while the price of Bitcoin continues to decline, the payout was lower than the maintenance fee, which resulted in the balance not increasing and remaining the same. We are considering all possible options, while taking into account the available resources, to optimize the mining process where it is possible.''

That is a True Risk of Crypto Currency!

That is was my Experience of $700 in Hashflare Cloud Mining!


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Yes I invested a couple weeks back in 1 th/s for around $80. It paid for a few days then it's not paying for the past 4 days or so. What a bitch


You are lucky because is only $80, a lot of people bought 100-150TH/s and now they are in minus a lof of money! When I was starting with Hashflare it was awesome around 70 days to break even of invest!

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la verdad es un riesgo

I invest a bit like 20 dollars into hashflare. I hope they will let me take the bit I earned out of hash flare not buy more hash rates.

not getting paid anything. check out this new mine website, 200 GH/s for free

My Hashfalre mining fees now exceed 100% its ridiculous. I have invest 300 over time. At 2Th/s. Basically a bunch of people got together with some servers and figured out how to have people pay them to mine for bitcoin and keep it all. What a sham. Back to nicehash. I figured they would take a small fee. Not exceeding 25%. Nope!