How to Give Someone the Ultimate Irresistible Offer...

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Hello, dear Steemians!

When you enter the world of business, it is important to understand that a lot of things ensue because of communication. Your aptitude to communicate with other people and those who are in a position of power is your winning card.

The same could also apply, even more so, when it comes to entrepreneurship. The whole process is about connecting with the right people at the right time with the right ‘offers’ and you will achieve success.

How do we give someone an offer that they can’t refuse?

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This skill is most useful when you are entering the world of business. As I said, the world of business is all about the right connections, and such bridges can only be made if you have something to offer.

So, first and foremost, you need to apply the techniques and rules of productivity to grow your skills.

A person whose offer is not refused is someone who excels at what they do. Whether it is marketing or programming or creating content, you need to aspire to be the best person in the whole world.

Now, this may be nonsensical, as we cannot really determine who is the best person in the world at doing something, but what I am saying should be understood in the realm of the metaphorical.

You need to be the best at what you do. Only then will you have a shot at gaining the attention of those you need!

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Then comes the most important principle that a lot of people do not understand when it comes to offers.

When you want to build bridges in the business world, you usually rely on your skills and talents to gain the attention of other people. In a sense of the word, you are willing to ‘offer’ them your services.

But most people don’t understand how they should offer these services. A lot of people do not even know the fundamental rules of a compelling offer.

In this blog post, I want to teach you the most important one: Your offer should focus on the result that your employer is going to get.

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When you are a writer, you should not JUST talk about the things you have done and the experiences you have. You need to tell the employer what you are going to do for them and what result they are going to get when they hire your service.

An irresistible offer is one that focuses mainly on the result of the job being done, and not the person himself.

If you are a marketing strategist, talk about the techniques that you are willing to deploy on the field and garner attention.

Talk about the innovative ways with which you can sell the product of your employer.

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It is all about giving an offer that is irresistible, and in order to do that, you must give them so many things that they find it difficult to refuse your service. You should even be willing to do some extra work for free.

When you offer a lot and focus on the results, the employer will be tempted to hire your service. This is especially useful nowadays, since there is a whole lot of competition in every area of business.

Practice your irresistible offer and you will not lose the golden opportunity that is waiting for you!

A few months ago on my blog I wrote a series of articles and I asked or almost begged people to buy steem and if they were strong to support the price of the token because that would be reversed soon.

Last weekend when I saw steem up to .57 cents I wondered how many of the people who read those articles took a little advantage and were brave enough to wait for times like this weekend.

I will always continue to try to guide you by the best route, but I also know not to be the owner of the truth but so far everything I have planned for this year has followed the path I have planned.

I still have not made a mistake.

I hope to continue like this.

Have a great week with many achievements and success.




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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@chbartist, In the world of Business most of the times we have to play the role of All-rounder effectively so that we can gain expansion and growth, but this role is not easy but at the same time it's not impossible too. If we are entering into particular business then in depth knowledge of that particular field is Base of the Foundation. But life is dynamic and everyone cannot achieve the same level of success in particular field. Stay blessed.

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You are right, I think it is really important to convince people who can help in your business promotion. Be who you are and say what you think, because those who will be against do not matter; and those who matter will not mind.

It is quite difficult to give someone an offer that they can't resist! Much more simplistic in theory, but in practice there are so many variables.

Please add me to your community list @chbartist. Am a big fan of your work and almost always resteem anyway, even if it's just for me to read at a later stage.

We are the ones who can best promote ourselves, showing our skills and doing it well. When we do things well, this will give us advantages over others.
I remember that you always advise buying steem, the time has come to see the harvest of the planting. You are a person who likes to give good advice. God bless you.

We often sell ourselves and not our impacts to the organization which creates value. Our ability to bring action and perspectives to new group as we integrate is often the nudge needed to achieve goals for many groups and is the key value obtained from nee resources.

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Hello @chbartist!

Excellent sales strategy, you informed about the advantage of buying steemt, at that time I acquired a small amount, for which I am grateful for your advice.

The world of sales is complex, we must take into account many variables, customer needs, product function based on the customer's need, service after the sale.

The important thing is to be as honest as possible with the client, maintaining a respectful relationship that guarantees trust between the parties involved.

Ya I too had purchased steem then and now got good profits.
Hope you do well.

Negotiation experts see the body languages while negotiations and to give an offer which is they even know can't be refused to...

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Good tellent and better understanding communication growing a good relationship and success.

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Good post.
i think it is really important to convince people who can help in your business promotion. Be who you are and say what you think, because those who will be against do not matter; and those who matter will not mind.Please add me to your community list @chbartist.

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It is true that irresistible offer is impossible to resist, but that offer may differ from person to person. And sometimes it's hard to figure out what the client/employer wants and can't resist, that no one else offered before (because if there had been someone else to make the offer, they would not need mine).

Great advice. Sell what you can do for someone.
If you get a chance, read Leonardo da Vinci's resume. The master himself did this very well.

As @chbartist, said you experience matter of course but person to whom you are offering some services is more likely interested in what he will get as an output and if you are offering some conventional or innovative offers to them , whether employer is getting any "Value" from your service ,these thing matters a lot in order to make our offer irrestible.

Hello! I really appreciate your posts ... Please add me to your community list @chbartist. I'm a fan of your work

This reminds me: Once at a job interview, I was asked why they should hire me. I was young, Dutch, living in the US, was out of college with 3 years of travel experience and quite cocky, to be honest. I hadn't thought of that question and was totally unprepared for it, so I answered: "Because you would miss the chance of a lifetime if you let me walk out that door."
The boss liked it (Italian) and I was hired on the spot. Not sure if it would be so easy to get away with nowadays.
I actually ended up working there for quite some time and was promoted within two months.

What is the focus of the community?


My question as well. Thanks for asking @mistysummers.

Sound advice. Always present the value you bring to them, not what you value in yourself.

I'm glad you shared it with us.

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Me I offer to the world is myself my own experience us a mother

When I read irresistible offer and saw a picture of two hands I thought this was gonna be about hand jobs.... I was wrong

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Great gidence very nice article.

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Good post

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I love your work, every time I read more, I keep learning, I follow the account of @nothus and I can see them translated into Spanish...

thank you

Thanks a lot. Your words are really inspiring. I am new here, and I'm really happy I got to read this and follow you. I think that you are a nice and truly generous person. I could feel you really want a better community. And I honestly admire you for it. And as you mentioned, being the best in whatever one does is very critical to making an irrestible offer. Thanks for your words and solid advice @chbartist!

Good advise thank you The BOSS @chbartist


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