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Hi, venerable Steemians!

We talked about the effect of words in one of our previous blog posts and how you can adapt your mind using the power of suggestion. Today, we are going to talk about the power of suggestion through imagination.

When you imagine something vividly in your mind and draw a clear picture of that scene, both your aware consciousness and your subconsciousness are affected and motivated by that image to follow a certain pathological thought train.

In the hands of those who know how to utilize the power of suggestion, imagination is a powerful weapon that can turn the tide in your war against lack of energy and motivation.

The power of suggestion through your imagination works in two different ways.

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Consider that you are sitting at your desk performing a hard feat on one of your dream projects. You are getting tired and exhausted from all the work and the repetition that the process has made you go through.

The power of suggestion using words is when you say nice things in a situation like this so you can continue with strength.
You can use the same technique with your imagination.

Close your eyes and draw an ideal picture of your future. It may be a place of your liking, alongside those you love, doing the thing that is your true passion. Try to bring more and more details into that vision. Paint that world with different and tangible colors.

That image in your imagination could be your future. In a world where nothing is ever impossible, you could arrive at that scene and live your ideal life. This is the power of suggestion through your imagination.

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That image will motivate you to keep going with strength. But as I mentioned earlier, there are two sides to the power of suggestion through our mind’s capability for imagination.

When you picture the ideal world, that is the dream you want to realize, and that gives you strength to not surrender in spite of all the difficulties that you are facing. But instead of drawing an ideal world, you could also picture yourself in a world of nightmare.

Think about your fears. Try to imagine a picture where all your fears have come through as a result of your shortcomings and your unwillingness to do the things that you need to do.

Imagine that you are broke or have failed the people closest to you.

Imagine that you have not fulfilled even your most fundamental obligations and responsibilities.

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Better yet, imagine that all the difficulties that you are currently going through is like being stuck in a storm.

Close your eyes and picture yourself in the middle of the sea. Heavy rain is grazing you at every moment and the storm is rocking your boat in different directions. You are struggling. Every moment, you are struggling to survive.

Being in a difficult situation is basically like being stuck in a storm. When you are in the middle of the sea and stuck in that kind of storm, you do not even consider the idea of surrendering.

You fight. You fight to your last breath for survival.

When you open your eyes again and come out of that imaginary scene, you revitalize your strength and set your mind at the right place to continue performing your task and succeeding in it… because it has never been more serious than it is now!

img src

The power of suggestion through imagination works in both a dream world and a nightmare world. Your personality determines which one will give you strength and help you in the face of your difficulties.

Do not be afraid of turning your imagination into a weapon that can push you forward.

After all, isn’t imagination the greatest aptitude in the history of our species?




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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Really well written and thought provoking! Thank you.

Dear @chbartist sir!
Odd conditions are awakening the brain with our imagination and suggesting them to grow in positive direction. I agree with your point When we are in the middle of the sea and get trapped in such a storm, then we do not even think of submitting surrender at that time but instead make a path of struggle and imagine every aspect of the mind in the mind. The power of imagination drives us out of the odd circumstances. Acceptance is not the name of life. The name of life is the struggle. We can only do the struggle when our mind is imagined about the objectives and the strong will to fulfill them. Believe in an odd situation, when our imaginative brain gives suggestions on ways to avoid us, that proves to be effective for us.
Thank you


Here's a suggestion @chbartist, stop self promoting your lame "self-help" shit in the Trending category. Now close your eyes, and repeat that message to yourself until it sinks in.

What you are describing is also labeled self hypnosis. I was trained in hypnosis back in the 70's at University of Texas. Quick tip for those who want to try this. Create a phrase in your mind that you will use to go into a deep state of relaxation. Using the Greek alphabet is one way. For example keep repeating to your self “Omega Bravo” over and over as you push out all your day to day stress and distractions. Just focus on becoming completely relaxed as you repeat your personal phrase. Over time, just repeating the phrase to yourself will allow you to rapidly become relaxed. Then focus your imagery on your goal and how to get there. I have used this technique for over 30 years. Test anxiety, performance anxiety, etc, while not reduced to zero, are now manageable and no longer interfere. Good luck everyone.


Excellent advice I will try to put it into practice. I will look for that key phrase that makes me relax.

Great post @chbartist
Ive always known the power of our mind is even more powerful then we can imagine. Im telling all of my friends how I always think and what I have in my mind.
Im gonna give a small example I always gonna look my self in the mirror and Im gonna like my self, Im gonna make a compliment my self! Ill never look at my self and tell my self-something with negativism or that I dont like my look or my body! I use to be very skinny but I always loved my look! I started working out at the winter of 2015 and more active in the winter of 2016 and you can see my results here --->!/v/calisthenicsdrop/lyrw2wrr Ive never doubted my self I always believe in my self and that I can!
And most important I always repeated my self that I look amazing no matter what!
And think the results are obvious!
Let me know what you think about my transformation and the power of your thought.

@ozaz @sibihamulla08 @depot69 @ftoz @miguelr @vickykarma @aple @swamicassi @rafaelj25 @newageinv @intricate @alternate-friend @shashiprabha @csharma @magnata @hennessy @bitcoinwolf @ajks @

Biblically speaking, Christians are taught to "Call those things that be not as though they were." (Romans 4:16-22).

As an example, Abraham was about a hundred years old, and stood fast in his faith that God was faithful. He believed his wife, far beyond child-bearing years, would bear him a child. Because he never wavered in his faith that God is faithful to fulfill His Promises, God granted them Isaac.

Sadly, Christians are blurring God's Word with something called "The Secret". God does not keep His Word a secret. It is an open book for all, on how to please Him.

On the other hand, satan likes to perpetrate things in secrecy; because they always make God seem irrelevant. That's what those who promote "The Secret" are guilty of doing. Many have gotten rich promoting this 'name it and claim it' falsehood. It's one thing if God puts a faith seed in your spirit; and, a whole other to say....oooo there's my this...there's my that...smh...rme...

Long story short, I agree that we can focus on the truth that in all things God works life out for His Glory and the good of all who are called (Romans 8:26).
He admonishes that when He gives one a vision, a Promise in the spirit, it should be believed for; the person should believe for it/wait for it, til his last breath if necessary. (Habakkuk 2:3).


This is amazing. To be honest I have NEVER read anything from beginning to end. It really spoke to me. This wisdom came to me when I truly needed it. My dream is to create great works of art. Like you've created. But as you can see I have a hard time expressing my words without sounding like I'm just rambling on and on. This was truly inspiring.


wonderful post [email protected], most of the time we imagine the negative and fearful aspect but u are right when you said this"Do not be afraid of turning your imagination into a weapon that can push you forward."it's really a good motivation

Hi. Many times we use our imagination to get away from reality and think that if everything is not right, it could be. And so we go numb in a wait for something that does not come, because we are not working. But if apart from imagining everything we can have, we imagine ourselves with everything we can fight and imagine ourselves overcoming our fears. We will have many chances to succeed. Thank you for approaching the triumph.

awesome post! Imagination is freedom with no limitations, real pleasure .

Such a great article about imagination. I really inspired by your writing skills and blogs. I always try to participate and leave a meaningful commnt. This article is really awesome about power of imagination. We have to be visionary so we can get our goal. Imagination is a thing which ignite the flame of achieving something. Imagination is a tool to work on our ideas. We can imagine how a work is going on and what is the result of it.


lastly I would like to say that you are really doing hard work on these blogs. These are really very helpful to me . I I talk about my personal experience then I feel I feel highly motivated after such types of blogs.

I'm trying to by some steem so I can get access to your VIP group that you explained in one if your blog.


Interesting read! I will check your previous posts. Looks like you guys have a great community.

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An interesting message. There is such a quote, it fully corresponds to your topic. Imagination is the main tool of any person, because you can only do what you can imagine. Thank you for sharing

En mi imaginación he venido a hacer cosas imposibles e inimaginables que siempre he querido hacer ... he ido al fin del mundo ... pero nunca me he imaginado una escena tormentosa o algo así. así ... creo que sería difícil imaginar cosas así ... Aunque entiendo lo que intentas explicar aquí ...

Saludos @chbartist!, La imaginación es una función de la mente, que nos permita plantear situaciones imaginarias que pueden afectar nuestro rendimiento en la vida.

Con la imaginación podemos hacer las siguientes preguntas ¿qué hago? ¿como lo puedo hacer?, podemos armando una idea, eso es la creatividad.

Imaginar nos permite ser creativos, y la creatividad es una técnica efectiva para solucionar problemas, manteniendo un nivel alto de inspiración.

Feliz día!

Putting our Imagination into something productive will lead to great achievements in life.
Keep up with amazing content.

Oh, yes @chbartist, our imagination is generally an interesting thing, and if put it into service as a reason for suggestion, can achieve excellent results!

Try to play your feeling, but make it money.

Yay another intelligent article, how you have that I don't know but I take smart wisdom people for granted. Peace from South Korea

Excellent review, my friend and suggestion has always been a very powerful motivation for action. You are right when we suggest to ourselves that through imagination and represent it, it can be a great excuse for action! Thank you @chbartist

I learned this from a wise man who says that the subconscious accepts all that we give to him and takes it seriously! So imagining the beautiful things we love to live in the future will have incredible power over our will and eventually we can realize our dreams.

The power of our imagination our strength that's give us a difcult station face. Pl

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Our minds is everything what I think become.
power of the question is basis is my personal progress of life.

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Wow, I'm short of words @chbartist. A lot of people tend to live on the surface of life. And thats where most of the problems are, because of their filtered reality.

I have been studying and writing on this subject for a while now. Just found Steem and the first content I saw was yours. Amazing

Best article of my choice @chbartist, I fully flew in the world of imagination while reading this post. Really imagination is the great tools for self development.

I agree with your thought Creative person knows well the power of imagination ,first of all a creator creates things in the canvas of his imagination then fill the color of reality.Imagination is a power that motivate on doing task,your blog is very impressive.

It is all about visualization and the ability to believe what can be achieved in order to strive for goals. It is worst to never dream that to try and fail!

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Our imagination, as you say, is capable of taking us, both to wonderful situations, and to very unpleasant situations, everything depends on the mood and the strength we have to assume it, if we always see the positive part, or, if we engage in the negative part.

Throughout life, we go through different situations, good and bad, where our imagination can lead us to situations in which we can not lead, everything will depend on the capabilities we have to get out of these situations and of the capacities and capabilities . Effort we use, to achieve dreams or ideal situations to which our imagination takes us.


The suggestion, whether positive or negative, to which our imagination took us, will only become a reality if we allow this to happen.

In positive situations, alone, the work, the study, the effort, the planning and the enthusiasm that we use for that activity, will allow us to achieve our dreams and, in negative situations, the mental capacity and the elimination of those complexes. , it will allow us to get ahead, and, we can go, to really positive things.

I agree, if you don't suggest something ether to yourself or to someone else nothing happens :)

I completely agree with you. Imagination is the most important thing, it is a reflection of what we attract into your life. If you want to achieve a goal, you must “see its achievement” in your imagination before you actually achieve it.

Most of the time when I was feeling drained in my works, especially now that it's the audit season. I would imagine having my parents in different kinds of travels, letting them taste memory lasting adventures, having them taste different kinds of viands, etc. It gives a boost of energy. You can try it also.

I’m grateful to have read this post. Never have I considered the nightmare to be one of encouragement. As I live I do see that the nightmare and the beautiful dream are but the opposite ends of the same pole. Thank you for this new technique to add to the arsenal of Self-becoming!

Hi, I'm from Venezuela and I wanted to ask for copyrights. I really like its content but in reality it would not be all the same in its entirety. I would like to be able to write them in Spanish if you allow it. Greetings Fanny


I thank you for your interest but the only person authorized to translate my content into Spanish on the platforms is a coordinator of my fan club in Latin America. A friend of a long time who accompanies me in all sectors of my life, as an entrepreneur and artist. You can follow him. @nothus

for me you are a role model ... very professional and interesting posts

There's far more beyond imagination I guess.
Its kinda seeing the unknown so to speak. Or maybe meditation or contemplation I guess, creation out of nothing as the source of all of these.

Anyways, I hope people will find this blog and realize how important it is to stop, look and listen. To be alone in silence is not for everyone. We're bombarded with many things on a daily basis. But we must see the importance of thinking and analyzing more deeply.

The truth is, such suggestions get power, the person gets himself from the thoughts of himself. When a person accepts the idea or the suggestion, then the suggestion becomes his own.

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Right or wrong? Think later, first do it.

Thanks for the positive vibes you send through this message!

Nice words you wrote there. Let us all continue writing, reading, responding and thinking... steemit lives

am i the only one who knew thoughts could be so powerful? It's not just physical stuff that thoughts can affect. If i was really excited or nervous and couldn't stop thinking about the time i would wake up then i would wake up at that very time with a deviation of around 10 minutes. Anyone else had that experience?


@rizwansadiq i experienced something similar, I have been stressing about the things I have and don't have. Where I am presently in life, where I want to be. Anyway I invested so much money into cryptocurrencies. In the past few years. And here I was about to liquidate some of my accounts. But before I did I thought about Steemit. And said to myself. Invest. Invest in myself. I think what I am saying makes sense.

Excellent! And true , new perspective to the power of imagination.

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