Maths and puzzles open the mind

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IMG_20180720_105409.jpg I'm sharing my knowledge I feel that my still life , maths plays a important part in our daily life because if you are science maths Student then you have realized that because lot's of problems in maths you to solve by different approaching same thing happen in life here in mathematics lot's of things are interesting. Do you know about Ramanujan who is very famous mathematiean from India IMG_20180720_114459.jpg He was very intelligent in puzzles and also also solved lot's of tough series calculation by him and he also said life is one kind of mathematics. This was the little bit informative blog. Upvote and comment. Thankyou

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Yes i did heard of him.... I think he was the one who did come with a formula to count the fruits arranged in pyramid shape

hello bro i want to contact you so please msg me on telegram

i have 1500 steem power and profile rank 45. i am from india.

#bahadur35555 Bro where is Ramanujan from?


India brother

aryabhata is great mathematician pls show about him

Man with a sharp brain :)

Man with a sharp brain :)

Ofcourse, maths and puzzles are like healthy exercise for our mind.

so many question till now are unsolved of ramanujan...

Do you know about Vedic Maths?