Steem Meetup Toronto - Sunday June 24th, 7-9pm (new venue)

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Calling all Toronto Steemians

Steem Meetup Toronto happens on the last Sunday of every month. It's a casual meet and greet for local Steemians to connect, network, and exchange ideas. Grab a drink with us on The Pilot's rooftop patio as we chat about all things related to Steem, crypto, blockchain, Bitcoin, social media, content creation/curation, decentralization, etc. Hosted by @steembirds (@dan-atstarlite and @jaybird)

Upcoming Event Details

When: Sunday June 24th, 7pm-9pm
Where: The Pilot Tavern (22 Cumberland St. Toronto ON)

Please RSVP on here

meetup group pilot poster landscape.png

😎 Let Your Toronto Friends Know! 😎

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We gave a big shoot on the 23rd, but I’m gonna try and make it out :)


Ya mon, understandable. We hope to see you soon anyway !

I wish I was there!
I wanna meet fellow steemians


Ya it would be cool to have you. The Vegas Boys drop in last time, we had a crazy few days.

Well...If you hop on a plane, there’s a good chance you’ll get to party with The SteemBirds ;)

I wish I was in Toronto but have fun guys @steembirds

Planning to be moving to Toronto soon, is this set to continue? Would love to join one once I'm in the city!


Yup. Should be every last Sunday of the Month. Get in touch when you make your move!

I wish you a successfull meetup !


Awe thanks Roxane! It's still a very small community in Toronto... but at least we have some Crypto-Babes ;)

See ya’ll tonight! Gona be epic + it’s also Toronto Pride! Should be a party 🎈