Steem Meetup Toronto - Sunday July 29th, 7-9pm

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Calling all Toronto Steemians

Steem Meetup Toronto happens on the last Sunday of every month. It's a casual meet and greet for local Steemians to connect, network, and exchange ideas. Grab a drink with us on The Pilot's rooftop patio as we chat about all things related to Steem, crypto, blockchain, Bitcoin, social media, content creation/curation, decentralization, etc. Hosted by @steembirds (@dan-atstarlite and @jaybird)

Upcoming Event Details

When: Sunday July 29th, 7pm-9pm
Where: The Pilot Tavern (22 Cumberland St. Toronto ON)

Please RSVP on here

meetup group pilot poster landscape.png

😎 Let Your Toronto Friends Know! 😎

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Hey @steembirds, @dan-atstarlite, @jaybird, @brian-rhodes and all the other Canadian steemians! Hope you guys are all doing well after the attack in the city of Toronto. Just saw the terrible picture in the news :-( Big hugs!!!


Thx for your concern Marly. I think we’re all ok. It wasn’t all that close to where we are thankfully.

There has been a lot of gun violence this year.

Not sure what’s causing all this aggression. It’s very sad to see it all unfold tho :(


I'm very happy to hear that!!
Well there's a lot of violence an aggression all over the world right now. In Europe we have the very same issues. Hopefully it will come to an end soon...

Stay safe! Big hugs from the Canaries :-)


Yea for all the good there is definitely a lot of negativity going around in this world.

You too xoxo

Toronto a beautiful place will love to see your Toronto based new Steemian friends share local pictures and stories. Great effort @steembirds.

how can I contact you?


Through the "meetup group works". or through steemchat.