Today's Weed News For October 9th 2018 #UNITEDKINGDOM

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For today's weed news we go across the pond to the UK.

Medical cannabis could be coming to the UK before the end of the year!

Sajid Javid, the United Kingdom's Home Secretary, has apparently just approved the rescheduling of medical trees in the UK and Parliament is getting ready to announce that specialist physicians are to be legally allowed to prescribe MMJ and medicines containing cannabinoids.

Unlike the current law, where the only people with a chance to receive cannabis-based medications have to be so called "exceptional cases", once the change kicks in, people suffering from everything from multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, chemotherapy and related nausea, as well as chronic pain could start receiving medical prescriptions for trees!

"In July the Home Secretary committed to swift action on behalf of those whose medical conditions would potentially be erased by cannabis-based products... And we have announced that cannabis-based products for medical use will be available for specialist doctors to prescribe legally from the autumn," read a statement from the Kingdom's Home Office spokesman.

According to, there are over 28 million people living with chronic pain in the UK. Crazy how one change in some legal code can potentially better so many lives virtually overnight. And that doesn't even include any of the thousands of kids with epilepsy (and adults too)and others with qualifying conditions.

Way to finally get with the program you guys.

That's what's up in the UK!


“Take Action Today to Help Legalize Weed Tomorrow” -Kief Preston



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