The Crypto Renaissance - Website Launch!

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Event Website is LIVE!

Our team created a website specifically for this event. Our goal here was to have a landing page to spread awareness for the show but also a resource for exhibition visitors to explore after attending.

Click here for more on The Crypto Renaissance Exhibition

This public exhibition will showcase the tools and resources built for creative professionals on the Steem blockchain and specifically how @sndbox members have integrated them into their practice and daily work. The exhibition will be open to all visitors for several weeks and serve as a free and public space for New Yorkers and others to learn about the Steem blockchain, the world of crypto, and immediately begin converging their creative work with the Steem ecosystem.

The Crypto Renaissance Details

  • Schedule: July 20 (Opening @ 7:00PM) - August 15, 2018
  • Location: 100 Bogart Street | Brooklyn, 1st Floor Gallery

Website - Pt 1.png
Website - Pt 2.png
Website - Pt 3.png
Website - Pt 4.png

Click here - explore the website!

Want to have your Steem ID or custom portrait on the website? Donate SBD to support the exhibition! 100% of your donation goes towards fundraising for the Crypto Renaissance exhibition opening later this month. You also get some amazing digital artwork in return :)

AmountSend SBD to the @sndbox account w / memo: "EXHIBITION"
100 SBDCustom portrait / username illustration = 12" x 12" (square)
50 SBDCustom portrait / username illustration = 6" x 6" (square)
10 SBDIllustrated Steem username = 3" x 6" (rectangle)

Donors to be added to the exhibition website - @roelandp, @thejohalfiles, @sjennon, @abduhawab, @fingersik, @manouche and @icaro. Your artwork is on the way!

thumbnail design by @aaronhong + illustrations by @zsolt.vidak

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o woww that's great ! THANK YOU for informative article :)

I like all the initiatives that are made to publicize not only the benefits of kryptomitt but also those of steemit, @. It is fundamental, especially at this time when there has been a fall of the steem and I feel that there are many people leaving this platform. You deserve a round of applause. Congratulations and good luck.

This is crazy awesome. So creative and unique. Way to go @sndbox team. You are making Steem a better place for all of us and it is much appreciated :)

This is a good news. Congratulations team @sndbox! Resteemed for greater visibility and reach

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Really impressed for this content thanks for share with us this information


This is a great one once again. Congratulations for this achievement @sndbox. Its a no small feat. Steemit community appreciates.

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Dope! I see my name on the wall ;) All the best @sndbox! I've shared the event with a few of my NYC artist contacts as well. Too bad I can't make it!

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I will never get or have any !
And this is enough reason not to trust theese ?

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