Cali Buds-"Moon Rocks"

in marijuana •  2 years ago

Moon Rocks: Marijuana flower dipped in hash oil and covered with kief.

Split one open.

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I'm not in a mj friendly state so I don't generally get to enjoy treats like this but I love when I go down to Negril Jamaica nad can get finger has balls the size of golf balls for $10 or $20 #lifeisgood

Wow! That is the most beautiful thing ever! Inside and out.

I don't know if anyone loves caviar more than me, and that's some awesome stuff! It makes my mouth water. Like I actually want to eat it.

I just started a series called High on Dispensaries- I manage one in Colorado. I just felt like sharing some stories and tips.

i have got to try that one day

Looks so nice 😍

Wow I need some of that. I heard about something similar when I was in Colorado called 'Caviar'. Looks amazing.


Great pictures, following now! Caviar has normal wax. Moon rocks has that live resin which is kinda like wax.. Heres an article on live resin so you can see the difference

Yeah! It's even funner to make them!!

@ganjafarmer approved!

You always get my votes! Thanks man love it!!!