Some reasons why I may adopt a vegetarian lifestyle soon

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Hello dear Steemians,

I'd love to share with you some thoughts about my lifestyle. It seems to me that sometimes, we tend to conform to certain ideologies without conscious effort, only to realize on close retrospective observation.

In my case, the retrospective observation was triggered by recent regular encounter with human blood specimens in the hospital where I work.

Pathology Laboratory; where I work

Suffice it to say, I totally respect the sanctity of human blood; it's the material essence of life.

A Brief Experience at the Hospital

I'm stationed at the pathology laboratory of the hospital and we're saddled with the responsibility of collecting specimens and running required medical laboratory tests on them.
A very important and prerequisite procedure, which is collecting blood specimen from patient's veins using syringes took me a while before I was able to do this. I often feared for the patient...'oh that must be painful' I thought. In other to understand how it felt, I decided to first draw blood from my vein first before drawing from someone else.


One early morning at work before anything else, I picked a 2ml volume syringe, located a prominent vein on my arm and carefully drew blood from it. Whew!! Finally I did. So, I'm ready for others.

Day at the pediatrics ward

I followed the scientist on duty to the pediatrics ward in other to collect samples from newly born babies diagnosed with Jaundice.

Jaundiced baby 😕

Poor babies! I took my time to admire those lovely little babies and felt nothing but affection.

collecting blood from a jaundiced baby

After watching the babies cry, I said to myself 'I won't be doing this in a long time'
I simply hate spilling blood

How did I get to this?

My Childhood

As a kid, I always loved pets as I grew up with 2 pet dogs and a cat. I'd share my food with them and play with them all the time.
During Christmas, my family slaughtered Chickens for the celebration but I always played with those lovely birds and cried when they were eventually killed.


I planned to own a poultry, but on a second thought, I'd be raising these birds in readiness for the slaughter so I didn't.

Whenever, I saw cattle or any other livestock in a farm, I paused to admire for a while. Seeing them suffering was a sight that gored me all the time.


I believe that we are all part of this big cycle of life and hence all forms of animal life must be treated with dignity.


Animals should be treated fairly too like humans

A cute little frog in my backyard

So gradually, I see myself tilting towards the vegan lifestyle and keeping several animals as pet in the nearest future.

What are your thoughts?

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This is cool, but I see myself in the middle, I barely eat meat, tho I can't get enough of fish:)

I think you empathize a lot.


Interesting! I agree with you about the empathy. It's often a lot more with animals and I tend to imagine what life is like from their perspective.

Hola amigo, de verdad es hermoso que nos transmitas esos bellos sentimientos respecto a las criaturas, bien sean seres humanos o animales, a fin de cuentas son seres vivos y como tal parte de un bello ecosistema.
Gracias por regalarnos tan bello post.
Hello friend @luxx, it is really beautiful that you transmit us these beautiful feelings about creatures, whether they are human beings or animals, after all they are living beings and as such part of a beautiful ecosystem.
Thanks for giving us such a beautiful post.


Thank you for reading @kantos

Thanks to you for placing such productive things

@luxx and to think you can only gain more of my respect brother! The realm of life was brought to us as a gift of physical manifestation! Weening yourself off the unnecessary resources of life will only get you one step closer to the creator. Respect and honor is given to those who deserve it, you my brother deserve it. I believe if there is a time for meat ingestion, the world will deem when. However, if you can manage to ween yourself off of taking life, that is the beauty of enlightenment. Now, if you work your way away from animals, what about plants? Vegetation, the budding and fruits, the gifts of life given to us through life is the next step. There is a reason fruit is the ultimate gift of life, because it is being handed to us when ready.

I am ecstatic to see what changes your life choices bring you. Thank you for the inspiration.


I couldn't agree more! Your thoughts are like a total reflection of mine. Fruits and herbs are the true food for our bodies. I'm happy to have a like minded brother on here.

Amazing article, @luxx. I hope to read more from you so I just followed you. I am a big fan of all raw foods and I found most of the things I know through these 5 movies. Have you heard about them or watched them? THey might help you make your decision. Good luck!


Thanks for your kind suggestion. I'm checking out the videos at once.

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