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' A mid afternoon? in a summer,in a village outskirts,on the black road, a motorcycle was running with very high speed.'

Suddenly,the motor cycle felt down in speed,the man who drives,fell down by hitting his Head to a mile stone,injured severely and died??.The second person on the bike was his son, 10 years old thrown in a mud water beside road and left with minor injuries??. '

"Mom,wake up mom,see me mom,please mom,open your eyes mom.." a girl was crying at the dead body of his mom lying in a field which was beside to a small forest.Actually she died because of a snake bitten??,her body was turned into light green colour and died.The small girl was crying aloud so that all the birds on the tree was shuddered."??

"You did a big mistake Mr.Indra..and you have to pay for it..??" said Lord Brahma."Really it was huge mistake and cannot be apologised..??" murmered Lord Shiva.This meeting was going over in Indraloka??.All the gods are assembled there at one place and a serious discussion was going on.

All are blaming?? Lord Indra for what he did.Then Lord Indra can't come out of it and felt ashamed?? and he runs to Meet Lord Vishnu to ask him for a solution.When he came near to Lord Vishnu in Vaikuntam,Vishnu smiled and said that "There is no mistake of you..and You can go happily to your home and I'll take care of rest things."

After some time,all gods went to Lord Vishnu to questioning him.

"How can you leave Indra without punishing?"Lord Shiva spoken angrily??.

"Do you know what he did?"added Lord Brahma.

Lord Vishnu smiled and said " I knew everything?? " and showed a scene in visualisation form??.

"Get it all from that almara...??"slowly murmered his wife."Wait,I'm searching for the original documents??"answered husband.Heavy rain and thunders? are falling in dark night outside the house.Their children was in deep sleep.

"I got it..."husband slowly shouted.And his wife face was glowing.

They both got two sticks?? and beating two old couple in severe manner????????.The old people signed documents with shivering hands.

They locked the old couple in a store room and beat severely.

The old man who is a disabled person crawling like a small child here and there and moaning for food.The old woman who is suffering from diabetes has been coughing for water.The young husband and wife was never cared of the old people and that old people died of thirst and hunger??."

"What a tragedy story...??" Sadly said Lord Shiva.

"Too sad...?But why should showed to us?"murmered Lord Brahma.

Lord Vishnu smiled?? and started narrating..

"Actually the man who died on bike accident was the husband who steals documents.And the woman who died due to snake bite?? was the wife who helps him.Both of them died in same manner.... Because of them the old couple???????? are died of hunger who are actually the parents of the man who died in bike accident.

For every action there is a reaction.

Everyone should suffer whatever they had did before.

So There is no mistake of Indra."completed Lord Vishnu.And all gods clapped???? for the judgement.

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