Piecing Together the Past

in life •  7 months ago

This weeks episode of Surviving the Matrix.
Discussing false history and the amazing discovery of a world wide root language.
Please share.
Much love to all.

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Quite interesting talk. I note that there were white tribes on the East Coast of N. America. There has been speculation that they were descendants of the Irish who are said to have sent expeditions prior to Columbus, as did Vikings.

Thanks for the detailed information related as you uncover it. I look forward to hearing more about Flink (sp?) as it becomes available.



many thanks brother

Max, delighted to hear you reached 100K subs. I do my bit. I post your youtube and steemit links " For more more mind opening discover Max Igan (The Crowhouse), everywhere where I can.
Every little helps!

Usually I never comment on blogs but your article is so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it. You’re doing a great job Man,Keep it up.


Many thanks diply

Did you ever notice that in the English language the word for procreation or making love ([email protected]) is primarily used as a word associated with violence or negativity ? This is not the case in other languages, German for example. I wonder what this association does to collective consciousness of a population which uses this word. Wonderful show, glad you found Anatoly Fomenko. The Hungarian aspect is new to me, I appreciate the information. Thank you!

This topic is of immense importance for the healing of ourselves and the planet to restore homeostasis KnightStar Max...Sweeeeeeet vid!!!...Huge Huggies...<3 <3 <3

since the victors have always rewritten history, this podcast is just another evidence of this. Very Good Max and New Earth channel sounds like a great find! I already subscribed.


I like the way she thinks and her humor gives me a chuckle


Upvote and resteem!

Hi Max! I am so happy to see that you are here as well! I found your content on youtube and I thought that I should comment you about steemit untill in the same video you say that you post in steemit as well!

To be honest - not surprised :D

I absolutely love what you are doing and I can't wait to listen to you more! Thank you for what you are doing and I wish you all the luck and energy to continue the work you are doing!

Thank you!



thank you Reinis


Excellent! I am happy that you saw my comment and I am honored to receive a response from you!

Again best wishes!

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I agree with you. Many facts have been reversed. Facts are actually omitted, lies made into facts. We do not know which one is right or wrong.
Have a good day @maxigan

Fomenko is a project. His claims are so out of touch with reality. And look at who the players are promoting him and his "work".

Max, I appreciate your efforts in "Piecing Together the Past" but honestly, you should drop the rabbit hole and focus again on what matters: 5G, AI, One-Belt-One-Road, etc.

After years of "Don't go down rabbit holes", you decide to go down a rabbit hole exactly when we need you to be angry and say things like they are.

Like you always said I will say it to you now so maybe you will understand, "YOU ARE NOT FREE TO KNOW!"

This applies to your efforts now, you are not free to know history, so please please please focus again on freedom and let's get back to the topic of history when we actually can do something else than reading Fomenko's books (who btw, has many many factually wrong correlations in is work that he uses as a foundation for what he presents, but whatever).

Also, you said before that books after the Printing Press are lies, so Fomenko's books aren't? Hmmmmmmm........... Double standards aren't good Max.

Still love you though! And you can't do anything about it! =) Hugs

There are a lot fictional stories and beleives about ancient civilization that are not real but was fine tone to make it looks real. The only thing that I know was more real are ancient languages that were written on scroll and stones, we just need to believe want we know that has factual facts @maxigan

There was belief systems or religions earlyer that did practice blood sacrefices yes, One of them is the Odinic Religion, if its accurate to call that a religion. But one that was cenetered around the historical entity of Odin or Wodin. There is very little easily optainable information about the details og him. But he was from what writing Ive come across; a individual that did walk the earth that was a greate warrior with magical abilitys to open the earth to get to minerals, and control the weather and waves of the sea and to manipulate aspects of nature. And to his friends (folloers if you will) he did teach various magics of natural forces and apparently "teleporation".

So this is a religion based on what people learned form him and that they still got some suport in rituals after he was gone. Among them was sacrefice. Some of this is mentioned a little about in a book called Snorre: Myth/storys of kings - or the Norweagan title: Snorres Konge Soger. The form og magic described in the book is called; Seid.

This was the religion among the wikings of Europe and Russia (Svitjod) before Christianity was forced upon the people over time.

To note though; The information in this book is what the Islandic Noble considdered noteworthy, that wrote this book: Snorre Sturlason.


Yes, blood sacrifice to entities ha always been a pretty common religion, not just for the Vikings.

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very interesting.

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