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this podcast should get 500 upvotes!!!

yes, I couldnt agree more: monetarism exists to milk everybody

Religions have always been in the hands of people who have a deep esoteric knowledge, and therefore have written religious textbooks in a way to anchor extremely polarized inner conflicts, mainly why religion is taught at 7 years of age or sooner., when a kid begins to understand the meaning of death. His mind is very vulnerable at that time. Indeed, the programming is very deep. I have always been at odds with christians waiting for judgment day instead of focusing on the message of Jesus. Religions, as we know them, will have to be let go, I am afraid

yes sure, service to Creation, well put!! I will borrow that from you Max, sorry. LOL

In the meantime, just rest as much as needed...


please feel free to borrow anything that works with my blessing :)... To be honest, I think this is probably the best show I have ever done and it has been viewed and upvoted less than almost any other post I have made here... On a scale of comparison, this show has not even raised $12 in votes. I am fast losing all faith in this platform


Hey Max! The reason this one is low at the moment is because for some reason the SteemAuto for @TribeSteemUp hiccuped on the post, so you didn't get that big up-vote, plus the curation trail, which you usually get automatically when you post. I'll get it for you, and we have a channel in our Discord server just for missed up-votes if you want to post in there when/if that happens.

I'll get you with that vote (and the following swarm) here shortly :-) I'll hop over and send you the little welcome message from @TribeSteemUp too, don't think I ever did that.


It was an excellent post indeed. I have listened to it twice and a third time is not out of the question.


Don't lose faith yet Max, we're very young yet and I'd never have found you if it wasn't for Steemit.

Shared this with a few mates and listened together. Very good mate.


thank you brother

Awesome podcast, loved every bit of it.


thank you

Trolls will be Trolls, thats their job. Best ignored by all. They hate that.

Well said Max. Understood and accepted. God bless you.


many thanks

If voting changed anything it would be illegal

A Good Episode of how religious activists play a role in everyday life. How chaos and peace are created.
Like @maxigan

Well voice...
Nice explanation and effective also @maxigan

I think this quote by Jordan Maxwell, used in the open segment of Zeitgeist falls into line when it comes to religion and manipulation.

90 seconds in length.

Be well, Everyone.


It's all fake, all backwards, upside down or a total lie, everything we have been told. Amazing, but when you awaken it all becomes clear.

It is indeed interesting that they reduced the designed lifespan of new bridges. Maybe the insident of a small overstreet bridgs that was build collapsed only days after construction, is par of that? Dont remember where that was currently.

The Bible is very much altered several times during what we call history, it can be proovem. Not only that there is several books and storys thats missing from it, but that dates have been changed to fit the existing belief systems that Christianity was replacing. In order to more easily make it adaptable.
Heard and read about various accounts of this here and there, but not that ive taken enough note of to refrance currently. Although the dead sea scrols one could say is a missing pice of the biblical story.

This is regardless an issue of doctrin more then belief i think.


when you get a chance, read what I am saying below

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It is decidedly so

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